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  1. The pit bike itch is real. Today I went to a dealer today with my brother to buy a 19’ kx250f ( which by the way is a nasty machine) and i stumbled apon the piranhas. Up until this point i was convinced i was going to buy a 110, I just havnt found the right one. Well, I then was introduced to the 125-e. The thing was like 1500 bucks out the door and looked awesome. I just have no clue about them. Reliability? Durability? Easy to get parts? Are they expensive? And so forth. Im looking at staying away from anything with a clutch, i want something my wife can jump on and burn laps in the yard and that im not afraid to jump on after a few tall waters. It will be used to thrash around the backyard as well as probably get some track time Thanks for the help!
  2. C123

    C class uncovered

    So I went for open c this weekend and had a blast. Ended up taking 5th due to a nice false nutral. Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  3. C123

    C class uncovered

    Summit Indoor
  4. C123

    C class uncovered

    They do have a 25+ open class. I thought maybe thats the first class that starts to “tame” down a little or its where the a/b guys go that dont want to bang bars anymore. Ill be honest, im not trying to finish dead last either haha
  5. C123

    C class uncovered

    Yea the class list said 125+
  6. So my buddy has talked me into racing an indoor in a few weeks and Im torn between classes. I ride a husky 125 and im 25, been riding my whole life, mostly trails and back yard tracks. I dabble in harescrambles/duel sports, i like to think i can hold my own in the woods and im not a complete goon. Im torn between open c and 250c, honestly im not trying to get blown away by the 450s but also not trying to get destroyed by some punk kid thats going for the glory. I have work on Monday... just looking for suggestions!
  7. My speedo stopped working last week so i put a new battery in it, worked fine for 1 day, now its throwing code “50-1.7”. Not sure if it is related but i cant find anything about it online. Any ideas??
  8. C123

    Lowering my husky. Please help!

    Awesome, it sounds like the seat is the best place to start. Probably the most economical also. Thanks
  9. C123

    Lowering my husky. Please help!

    I have had a few people tell me to just go that route, i wasnt sure if getting a inch or 2 out of it was realistic or not. Also, I didnt know how the butt would feel on long trail rides. Could always run two seatsThanks!
  10. I am thinking of lowering my 16’ TE 125 but i have no clue on options or cost. Honestly, i am not to worried about throwing a little cash into it. At 5’5, im tired of high siding 5 times a day. Side note, I ride a mix of single trac and open woods, hare scrambles/enduros, and a tad bit of mx. Thanks for the help!
  11. C123

    Te 125 silencer

    Both peices did say "te" however pipe said 2014 and silencer said 2016. The 2014 pipe fit fine and stock silencer fit fine into factory pipe. Leading me to believe the silencer was the issue. The dealer i purchased the bike is the one who said they were having trouble finding something to replace it. I will message fmf directly and see what they say. Ps 80w it is!
  12. C123

    Te 125 silencer

    So i bought a 2016 te 125 and i love it. I love it so much i bought a pipe and silencer for it (both factory fmf) The pipe went on with no problems but the silencer was about 2 inches short from conecting to the pipe. I have heard people say they dont make silencers specifically for the te 125. I just feel like that cant be right. Any suggestions?? Side note/question: calls for 10w40 gear oil but i was told to use 80 weight bellray gearsaver. Yay or nay?
  13. i swapped emails with a rep from acerbis (who was more than helpful) and he said that husky guys have been using the ktm tanks, however, you have to "modify" the seat. im not to sure what that means but may try and give it a shot
  14. I just picked up a 2016 TE 125 and although the 2.9 gal tank is big, it is not big enough. I have found a lot of 3.1 gal tanks but was hoping someone has found something a little bit bigger. Brand names have never been a big deal to me so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  15. Last year my dad and I drove from Ohio to Utah to ride the Paiute Trail. After the first 20 miles we fell in love and swore we would go back. While we were staying the night in Salina we saw a group of RZRs pull in late at night and when we asked the hotel manager she said they came from Moab. Obviously, this had us interested. This year we are wanting to ride from Moab to the Paiute trail, do the whole loop, then riding back to the truck in Moab. I am having trouble finding info on how to go about doing this and was hoping someone had and could give us some ideas/tips. We ride a wr and yz 250f, both have 3.5 gal tanks and we carry an additional .5 gal number plate tank. Both bikes have about a 110 mile range if babied.