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  1. Does anyone know if NVRP MX is still open. I cant get anyone by phone and appears the website is down. Just saw it on riderplanet, thought I'd check it out.
  2. I noticed a small change in the engine but nothing dramatic.
  3. I used the Twin Air Oval Airbox Vents.
  4. This is my 2016 FC450. Mods include Ti FMF pipe, fc suspension, tall seat, bars, g2 quick turn Throttle, grips, and some cosmetic items.
  5. Flymikemc, I'm 6'6" 285. My 2012 KX450F has been really good for a big guy. I never tried a wider tire but I did go tubeless and lowered the pressure well below where a big guy can otherwise.
  6. You should check out Virus Performance gear. It's the best stuff I have ever used. They have some advanced fabrics that stay cool to the touch.
  7. I had the tld bust when it wore out I went with this leatt 5.5 pro hd. Still if it were 2" longer I'd like it much better. http://www.leatt.com/shop/body-protection/upper-body-hard-shell/upper-body-hard-shell-adult/chest-protector-5-5-pro-hd-973.html
  8. I'd lay that KX over and pop the clutch cover off and make sure your basket is good before I'd pay anywhere near that. My nephew bought one that needed a whole new clutch within a couple of months.
  9. How are the rampbuilders doing on their $1000?
  10. Here are some pics. The step seat was done at an upholstery shop. I just brought them the frame and cover.
  11. I had SDG do a custom one for me that was +3". Also upholstery shops can do it easily if you take the seat frame in.
  12. I had motoseat do mine. You can pick all the colors but you can't change where the seams are.
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