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  1. Mxer59

    2017 Crf450R


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    I have a 2017 Crf450R that I’m selling it has 52hrs on the bike. I’m original owner oil changed every 4 hours, air filter every to every other ride depending on track condition. -Ride Engineering Clamps, Ride Engineering Pull Rods, Ride Engineering Cable Bracket, Hinson 8-Plate setup, DID Dirt Star Rims, Factory Connection Suspension, Cycra Staduim Plate, Cycra Performance front Fender, 18 motor mounts, Tokyo Mods Remapped Ecu, and Yoshimura System, New MIKA Front & Rear sprockets (13t-50t), and New Mika Chain. Brake Calipers Cerkoted


  2. Mxer59

    17-19 Typical motor rebuilds?

    Thanks for some info, I’m Vet B rider, I have 52 hours on my 17, I use to get a new bike around every 2 years but family and other things now just not possible. I change my oil every 4-5 hours and oil filter every other oil change. Air filter every other rider or depending on how dirty it is. I was thinking about doing a top end at 60hrs

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    I have a complete Yoshimura Stainless System it was repacked about 5 hours ago. The only flaw is the header has a tiny ding in it. The end cap stickers are slightly to high from my son trying to help out. It fits 17-19 Crf450R


  4. I was curious how long most ppl are going before top end, or motor servicing on the 17-19 motors. ive heard stories of the oil pumps on the 17-18 going out.
  5. Mxer59

    Pics of Your 450....

  6. Mxer59

    20mm offset on a 2019

    I run the ride link Sag at 105mm and 2.5mm in the clamps

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    I have a set of Ride Engineering Triple Clamps 22mm (stock offset for 17-19 450r and 18-19 250f) local pick up $450 shipping $500


  8. Mxer59

    MX pants for thick thighs?

    Fly has a lot of room I broke my femur while back, and one of my theighs are bigger then normal due to having blood between the layers of the skin
  9. Mxer59

    '19 CRF450 bars

    All the 17-18 clamps should work, I have a set of the Mika 1-1/8 bar mounts they seem same as stock. I currently run ride bars and there clamps I have the tall spacers but run them stock height, the risers come with longer studs. I run the Mika bars personally love the MC bend I’m 5’11 used to run high bars but really like the feel of the Mc bend.
  10. Mxer59

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    My 17 is the same way grabby brakes but I like it personally. Few other ppl who have rode my bike make a comment on how grabby mine are as well. My front wheel spins super free also.
  11. Mxer59

    2017 450R exhaust

    Bills pipes makes one for it also I run the Yoshimura, I got a good deal on it. Yoshimura did a lot of work with Honda, it’s not a crazy hp pipe. What it does I feel compared to stock, is wakes up the bottom end a little more and makes it pull through the powerband at a more linear delivery. Since installing exhaust, I’ve gone up one tooth and remap from Tokyo mods for system.
  12. Mxer59

    MXT 5050 Shock CRF 450R (2017-2019)

    Did you do just the rear or did you do the front Huck Valves as well?
  13. Mxer59

    New Gaskets Needed???

    I would clean it up and put it on it’s side and pull the clutch cover off, not sure if you bought it new or used looks like a 17 Crf450R. The clutch cover has a o ring built into it make sure it’s not damaged or pinched. Left side could be stator or if you got really messy chain lube and it flings everywhere could possibility.
  14. Check the down tubes, and the frame where the rear master cyclinder resivior bolts on. Some places we broke frames, my brother used to ride them for a team
  15. Mxer59

    Green engine oil

    Is it a Honda? Maybe a seal gave out