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  1. daveee

    01 WR250F

    Still really happy with mine, hasnt missed a beat since '01
  2. daveee

    Steering head bearings

    Thanks Jim & Steve, I've got the torque wrench/socket and the grease, will have a crack at it today.
  3. I been a bad boy My 2001 WR250f still has its original steering head bearings in it, and I've been meaning to get around to changing them for a while. I'm pretty sure they will be cactus. So are there any tips on changing these? Are aftermarket bearings ok? (Yammie ones cost a fortune) ta
  4. Hey guys, long time no post.. Whats the trick to applying tank stickers without them bubbling (from fuel vapour)?? Ive got some OEM replacement as my knees seem to wear out a spot on the tank. I've drained it of all fuel and left it overnight but want some tips to put the new lot on. Also, my chain seems to be wearing to the point where the circlip gets that thin that it falls off. Anyone else had probs with the chain guide wearing out the chain? Thanx
  5. daveee

    Snapping Bolts

    No Sears downunder I drain the oil as the manual recommends to- at 3 different places. Its never been a problem before, I never overtighten anything- its like the bolt has fatigued over the 10 oil changes that I've done so far. I think a torque wrench is on the cards
  6. daveee

    Snapping Bolts

    Hi TT'rs I've just done my 10th oil change and tightened the bolts up finger tight then a tiny bit more and SNAP on 2 different bolts-(1 frame, 1 oil filter cover) they havent snapped, but after winding them back out, it looks like the thread has collapsed on the bolt and squashed thin. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Is it because they bolts are so light weight? or is it my crappy workmanship combined with the use of a cheap socket set? Should I be using a torque wrench for stuff like this?? Do I need to buy Yamaha replacement bolts? I really hope I havent damaged the internal thread. Thanks
  7. daveee

    Your Bike History?

    1984 Kawa KX 60 1989 Yama YZ 80 1995 Yama DT 200 2001 Yama WR 250f
  8. daveee

    brand of oil?

    Motul 5100 Ester Fully Synthetic I'd like to try Mobil 1 but the packaging is different in Australia as it is in the USA. I've looked all over the container on Aussie Mobil 1 but cant see anything about friction modifiers. So Im confused which Mobil to use, anyone in Aus know which one to use?
  9. daveee

    backfiring spluttering etc. please help

    How old is the fuel in the bike?? Fuel does deteriorate and can be contaminated with water. Try fresh fuel and drain the carb too. Hope this will help solve some of your problem
  10. Are you sure about this W-Ride? We have just purchased a Garmin Etrex Venture and it will show major cities but no major roads. I thought the Legend was the 1st model capable in the range of displaying roads.
  11. daveee

    Fork Seals

    Im just about to change mine, Guy at the Yamaha dealer told me to get CR seals as they lasted longer than the Yamaha seals. Anyone else had experience with these? Any tips to make them last longer? I have decided to use 5W Maxima Fork oil. Thanks
  12. daveee

    Holy 250f

  13. daveee

    what did you ride before your 250F

    1995 Yamaha DT200. For a 2 stroke- this was really underpowered.
  14. daveee

    Has anyone rode pro?

    LOL Were you two friends in a past life?