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  1. So I picked up an 06 rmz 450 for a good price, because the previous owner took it apart to rebuild, bought all new parts, and then lost interest in the project for a few years. So my cylinder is getting replated and I'm about to start working on the bottom end. My question is, he bought a new wiseco crank for it. I read a few stories and it looks like if I want this thing to run for long, I shouldn't use that crank. Are they really that bad? Should I have the stock crank rebuilt with a pro x or hot rods rod instead? I was going to get all new transmission and crank bearings even though he put new crank bearings in because the cases were sitting apart in his shed collecting who knows what for a few years. Iv had good luck with hot rods bearings in the past. Is quality still good on them? I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as time goes on, these are just a few to get me started.
  2. Hey guys I ordered some excel wheels (18x2.15 and 21x1.6 both 36 hole like stock) for my 89 Rmx 250. I then ordered a set of rear excel spokes from eBay for a kdx ( I checked on a website and it said the ones for the kdx and Rmx were the same) now I referenced the part number with amazon and it tells me these won't fit. But I can't find a part number for any that will. So, will these kdx spokes ( part number xs9-21187) fit my Rmx hub?
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, I plan on grabbing a couple of the ones you guys mentioned to try out this year.
  4. When I say soot hills I mean the old junk from the coal mines that is dumped to make big hills. And I'll be off the road all the time. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll have to check them out haven't heard of them before.
  5. Hey guys, it's time for some new tires. I'm looking for something to run on pa hare scrambles and enduros as well as riding the soot hills whith some rocks. Looking for something that does good in these conditions and lasts. 21" front and 18" rear, 2 stroke bike set up for the trails. I was looking at dunlop geomax mx 51 or mx 52. Thoughts? Thanks
  6. It's an 89 so no injection. I'll check my jetting once I get it back together. The black is actually built up on top of the piston. Thanks for the reply/ tips
  7. Hey guys, doing a top end on my Rmx and wondering what the carbon build up should look like... Here's mine...
  8. I made my own....3/16 inch hardend plate steel. Wont let me attach a picture grrrr...heres a link to photobucket. http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab10/03machstock/Photo552.jpg
  9. Good to see another 89 coming back to life! I got my 89 rmx blown up off of a guy for 300 bucks with a title and rebuilt pretty much everything on it. Awesome bikes. Anyway, there are lots of knowledgeable guys on here that have helped me when i was stuck and im sure they will be able to help you too. Goodluck!
  10. Powerseal USA all the way, they are second to none.
  11. Fired up and ran great, hope this might help someone in the future.
  12. Just cleaned the carb real good and went over everything. I have not tried to start it yet because i need some fresh gas, and im waiting for the air filter to dry. Hopefully that is all it was because im supposed to go riding on sunday.
  13. Hey guys, just washed the rmx after riding from about 3 weeks ago. Had not drained the gas because I was planning on getting to it sooner. Anyway, washed it, went to start it, and it took longer than usual to start. When it finally did start it revved way up so i killed it. I shut the choke off and tried again. Same thing over and over. Im thinking pilot jet is partially clogged but just figured id post on here and see what other problems could cause this symptom. Bike is 89 rmx 250.
  14. Take it somewhere to get measured. I.e. machine shop, or somewhere that works on bikes.
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