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  1. EvanR127

    JS vs MS

    :17 was awesome! JS was killing the whoops though
  2. My prediction: Dungey SX champ, Stewart MX champ!!!
  3. EvanR127

    2012 ktm 150sx from a 250f?

    So you had a 05 yz125 then a crf250 Now your dad with a not so steady job is going to buy you a new $7k bike..... IMO go get a job! lol
  4. EvanR127

    Can we talk 2013

    Have you seen the pics of dungey's bike from that one bike show? It shows different fenders, radiator plastic and airbox. here: http://blog.derestricted.com/racing/2012-2013-ktm-450-sx-f-ryan-dungey-eicma/ They can't say they are running the exc because the exc comes with pds stock. Dungey's bike has a different frame and swing arm, which the rules state that you can't change. So they will need to release a 2012.5
  5. EvanR127

    Can we talk 2013

    Probably just the plastics from dungey's 450 and slight motor/suspension updates. I have a feeling that 2014 is the year of DI!
  6. EvanR127

    Getting a bike ready to sell.

    Definitely don't buy new tires, chains/ sprockets. That's around $300 right there and will maybe get you $100 more than without. Buy the cheapest parts that will make the bike look clean. -If your bars are totally bent, buys some cheap $40 ones -If your graphics/plastics are thrashed, lightly sand any scratches and use brake/carb clean to remove those tuff grease/oil marks. Buy a cheap graphics kit for under $100. Just clean the bike really good, armor all the tires not the plastics and seat!!!!!!!!!! IMO one the of most important things is getting people even interested in calling or looking at your bike, so make the ad good ex. big HD photo's!!!!!
  7. I assume its like most brands. The 450 has a beefier frame, different link and stiffer suspension.
  8. EvanR127

    2012 ktm250sx or Yz250

    YZ is a great bike. I've ridden it and had a 06yz125 but IMO you would be stupid to buy one new unless you can get it for $4500 OTD, when you can buy a decent 06+ used for $2k-2500 and rebuild the whole bike to your setup for $2k..... Plus like I have stated before the resale will be terrible. A 2012 yz for $6k+ would be lucky to get $4k the next year.
  9. EvanR127

    2012 ktm250sx or Yz250

    SX250!!! Better motor, chassis, brakes!, clutch, billet hubs/clamps, and plated pipe. Yz probably still has better suspension but a revalve can help that. Plus the YZ is most likely still more $ even though the last update was 06 for major and 08 for minor.............. YZ's resell will drop huge being that its the same bike since 06 Also support the company who still R/D's MXA review on the 2012 http://motocrossactionmag.com/KTM/News/MXAS-2012-KTM-250SX-TWOSTROKE-MOTOCROSS-TEST-KING-8221.aspx 2011 SX vs YZ (2012 has link!) http://motocrossactionmag.com/KTM/News/MXA-250-MOTOCROSS-SHOOTOUT-2011-KTM-250SX-VS-2011-7969.aspx
  10. EvanR127

    $$1.25 million for 1 race, Peanuts for a season?

    Dude this has been talked about many times........... Its a one of race so they can do special things. If the purse wasn't high nobody would have gone..... They didn't expect any1 to win all three.....Monster probably paid for most of it.....SX and MX compared to the GPs have a great payout.......FELD doesn't give a shit cause riders will always sign up regardless of the purse........ex.................. I know its nonething compared to other sports but look at it this way If the rider is on a team that will pay for all travel, bike and entry fee costs if he just qualifies for every sx main he will get... 20th place in 450 SX is $2,135 X 17 rounds = $36,295 + bike contingency + plus if the Team pays a salary too.... Plus if he did the outdoors season, making $100k+ a year shouldn't be a problem especially with 3 months off to do local races/aussy super x/ bercy sx/MEC........
  11. EvanR127

    2013 crf 450

    http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/2013-crf-450,1226755 real bike pics....just new exhaust routing
  12. EvanR127

    Changing your AMA card?

    Are you an officer? I plan on hitting the academy in a year when I am 21 and in better shape.
  13. EvanR127

    Yamaha MSRP Stats

    I know what you mean my dad bought a 05 ktm 525 for $7500 and now they aren't too much more. Its just ktm are more exotic bikes that can get the higher price. Maybe it has to do with the Jap $ to dollar exchange rate.
  14. I just realized how much more bikes got in 09+ with FI and the economy. Definitely ****s up the customers...... 04 yz125 $5099 05 + $300 06 + $100 07 + $0 08 + $100 09 + $200 10 + $300 11 + $200 12 + $40 =$6290 04 yz250 $5999 05 + $100 06 + $100 07 + $100 08 + $100 09 + $200 10 + $400!!! 11 + $160 12 +0 =$7150 04 yz250F $5599 05 + $100 06 + $300 07 + $150 08 + $100 09 + $300 10 + $500!!! 11 + $160 12 +$140 = $7290 04 YZ450F $6299 05+ $300 06 + $300 07 + $100 08 + $100 09 + $200 10 + $700!!!! 11 + $160 12 + $200 = $8350 Yamaha site only goes back to 04 on the msrp's....... On a positive note its seems like yamaha didn't increase much for 2012, hopefully they will continue that for the future.
  15. EvanR127

    Potential 2010 purchase

    LOL definitely pass...that many hours and that price!