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  1. dp400

    COW MOUNTAIN Trail 25 Opinions Please !

    I rode 25 last month with a few friends and it was a bitch - to say the least!! We are all very capable riders/racers and we spent a long time pushing , pulling and dragging our bikes through ridiculously rutted, rocky sections. It sucked so much that I marked on my Cow maps not to ride that trail. A big waist of our time when we would have liked to be riding some of the great ST there.
  2. dp400

    Cowbell Enduro

    The Cowbell was the most fun of all the enduro's this year I think . It was a pretty easy course layout with lots of fast flowing ST and as mentioned - perfect conditions . I hit one of those large potholes after the first gas and almost came to a complete stop - smashed my wrist into my guard and injured my tendon . Didn't notice it until a little later and then it progressively got worse and more painful . Was killing me by the end but was still having lots of fun . The fun factor was VERY high ! Whole forearm swelled up a few days later - had it ex-rayed the Friday before the Buckhorn in Shasta . Just tendon damage - nothing broke . Rode the Buckhorn the following weekend - probably shouldn't have . The Buckhorn was one of the toughest damn enduro's this year so needless to say it was a long day since my wrist injury flared up before mile one - because of that last man standing section . Pain was bad all day - kept telling myself i should pull off and have a beer but this was the last race season that I will be able to race with my son before he goes away to college next fall . Been racing enduros together since he was 11 . I wasn't about to give that moment up !!! Dan
  3. dp400

    Enduro "Bootcamp" weekend - Interest?

    Hey Mark That is a great idea ! We really need to do something more to promote enduro's and this is a good start . Let me know if I can be of some help . I can take a group on the course and teach timekeeping techniques or whatever you guys need . Dan Sullivan
  4. dp400

    Foresthill trails for little ones?

    If she is just 6 I would only take her out to the 3s . There is a fire road on trail 3 that you can park on ( stage ) . Most of the 3s are flatish with good visibility . Most of the other trails have move elevation - rocks and roots that a 6 YO will not enjoy . My son was about that age wen he started riding there and it's harder than it seems to find enjoyable trails for little ones ! She will have nothing but fun in the 3s - get map - there are lots of trails in the 3s and it can get a little confusing . You will see signs saying - 3-1 / 3-4 / 3-6 / 3-2 - they are all tail 3s - some leading to the corresponding number . Stay away from the staging area if you can - heaviest traffic there with lots of quads . Have fun Dan
  5. dp400

    West Coast Thumpertalk Ride ......

    Dave Maybe we can get some of the old original TT guys back together for a camp/ride !! How fun would that be . We've seen many guys come and go on this site but there are still some of us that have stuck with the sport and love it as much as ever . I hope Morgan is ok ?? Injured ? I think Sean and I will point up to the A class next year - :-O . He has the speed to run with the A guys - not so sure about me . At least my guys are old that I have to compete against - it's hard to ride fast while using a walker !! LOL dp
  6. dp400

    West Coast Thumpertalk Ride ......

    Mr Fryboy Are you stirring the shit in here ? hahahahah This of course is a very timely post . I still have some of the T shirts from those TT rides . The first TT ride was when I met you , Bill , Jason , Larry , Zac and our leader - Ego ! LOL Good old John . He put a lot of work into the events as well as the above mentioned guys . As a group we started doing our first enduro's together and logged many awesome miles together ! We would lead rides based on skill level . We ended up having poker runs for the whole family where our kids would ride with us and win prizes . I remember how hard it was to lay out a course that worked for the little guys . Zac would lay out the course since he knew the place so well . My kids would ride all day on the kids loop outside the gate with John's daughter Shay . We would just sit out there with a brew and count the heads as they came by on the TTRs . Those were great weekends together ! I miss riding and just hanging with the old gang ! I was at every one of those TT rides and ended up being one of the guys helping out for the weekend like many of us . I have been going to the same spot every memorial since then as well . I took over the site and continued with a group of friends like the guys above and others every year . Most of the guys from back then don't come anymore for a variety of reasons but there is still one guy from the old TT days that still comes every year with his family . My kids have grown up there year after year and when March comes around all the kids start talking about going to Foresthill . The two little girls in the front row have been there with us ever since with their families and they are now 17 YO - as well as my son who is more to the left side of the picture - he was riding his TTR 90 the first time there and is now one of the top D36 B class Enduro racers in No Ca. BF Bob is referring to my daughter and Johns daughter . LOL Bob rode with my group along with his son and his friend that year I believe . I'm still cleaning up from this years trip - got home last night . All of our kids are late teens early 20s now so they tent it up on the group camp site and party it up some while us parents pretty much RV it along that strip on RV sites . We all reminisce every year we get together at FH ! My kids still talk about how funny Big Bill and Larry were around the camp fire . We have not had those warm days we used to have when we started the TT ride . We have had snow for the past three years and this year a massive hail storm . But that left us with awesome conditions for Sunday !! My daughter holds the record of being the only one over all these years to sleep in a tent through all the nasty storms we've had over the years . She has refused to sleep in the RV and toughs it out through it all . My son and I were just watching our helmet cam footage of some of our loops this year . FH is still one of the most fun places to ride ! The trails are smooth and have a great flow . I'm still leading rides there when we go - it's usually myself or my buddy Jay , who is in that picture too . I've gotten in a few head ons over the years there but I still try my best to rail the trails as hard as i can when i have a clear view of what's ahead of me !! My son leads the "kids" rides these days since he is one of the fastest out of the group and knows the trails pretty good . They have the best time out there ripping it up and coming back to camp to bench race about who crashed or jumped big or what ever. Great memories Dave ( aka Fryboy ) dp400 forever
  7. dp400

    Stony singletrack #'s

    Yea , 20 and 22 are fun trails . Connect them with 4 and the 15s .
  8. dp400

    Stonyford Conditions?

    Be aware that there is a enduro at Stony on Sunday .
  9. dp400

    Jackhammer Enduro this weekend at Stonyford 10/23/11

    At this time I don't believe it anything to do with another rider . Looks like a high speed crash . Our prayers are with Troy and his family !! Dan
  10. dp400

    Jackhammer Enduro Oct 23

    My son and I are on row 35 . Looking forward to it . Sure could use some rain this week though . dp
  11. dp400

    Wild Horse Enduro

    Hey Fryboy No Scott just did the family enduro . Just my son and I ran this race . Not sure how we did - no results yet . It was as brutal as any Clear Creek enduro I've done - just different . dp
  12. dp400

    Wild Horse Enduro

    Am I the only one left on here that still races enduros ? dp:moon:
  13. dp400

    California Wild Horse Enduro

    Anyone else race the Wild horse enduro ? That was one of the toughest enduro's I've race i think . The first 45 miles were pure rock trails - ST with rocks - sand wash with rocks - crazy steep down-hills with rocks . Yea lots of rocks . The second loop didn't have as many rock sections but it was full of deep sand and woops . The club did a good job marking the course out there in the desert . Not easy to do ! I can hardly walk today I'm so sore . dp
  14. dp400

    which 200??

    Get the 09 - it's a better bike ! We have 2 of them and 2 03s .
  15. dp400

    ktm 200 pipe choices

    Pipe is off of a 2009 200 xc . Pipe was pulled off of bike before it was ever started > Dan