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  1. spaz_22

    best Kawasaki prices in the NW?

    i 2nd experiance motorsports in moses lake. They don't charge setup and frieght fees
  2. looks to be clean, and all the known fail parts have been upgraded, the lift pump, and trans. if you want a truck with loads of power then go look at it. it seems to be a nice truck
  3. spaz_22

    suggestions for new vehicle

    i'm going to recommend the grand cherokee. Jeep has really stepped up there game on it. You planning on the v6 pentastar motor or the 5.7 hemi? either one gets good gas mileage and the new v6 gets really good gas mileage. The escape is going to be much smaller then the grand cherokee, maybe look into the explorer or expedition if your going to go with a ford. They both come with the v6 ecoboost motor, which everyone seems to love, but gas mileage really suffers when you start towing with them. If you want 3rd row seating look into the dodge durango, very similar to the jeep. good luck!
  4. addicts. wether your addicted to the adrenaline rush, the speed, the freedom, jumps, whatever.
  5. spaz_22

    IN NEED OF HELP ASAP! 2012 Yamaha

    what about the coil pack or possibly the cdi?
  6. spaz_22

    Need advice, heading to sand.

    first time out in the dunes, take it easy. as the previous poster said, the dunes will have huge dropoffs. before trying to jump any dune or hill go up it easy to see what's on the other side. you'd be suprised at how steep it'll drop off on some dunes and be completely flat on some others. This is were i see most people wreck. 2nd, see if you can get a set of tinted lenses for your goggles. it helps with seeing the sand better. 3rd, keep your front end light and always be on the gas. those drop offs will come out of nowhere. have fun and post pics!!!
  7. spaz_22

    how may pistons in 4 stroke engine

    ha. i've never seen one of those. lol. i was refuring to the motor in the bugatti veryon
  8. spaz_22

    how may pistons in 4 stroke engine

    in a single cylinder theres one, and in a twin cylinder theres 2. in a v6 there's 6, in a v8 there's 8. in a 4 cylinder theres 4, in a v4 there's 4 cylinders. in a w16 there's 16.
  9. the minimum rate in washington is 9.06 i believe and another raise at the beginning of the year. Be careful buying yamaha's in the us if you live in canada. most dealers wont sell to you as they can/will lose there license for selling a new bike to you. i would call and make sure before wasting the gas.
  10. spaz_22

    DMV questions (title)

    here's what you need to do, as i had to do it with a trailor, and it's the same process. Don't try and call the dmv as they'll treat you like your wasting there time and they don't know what to do either. Just a bunch of run arounds and transfered calls and "i can't help you" bullshit. If you cannot get a title or origin of sale you will need to call up your closest washington state police station and setup an appointment to get it inspected. Here they will visually inspect the bike and verify the vin to make sure it's not stolen. They will sign and give you paperwork to take to your local dol/dmv. They will give you registation with questionable ownership. They will give you tabs and the registration will be proof of ownership for now. After 3 years you will get a new title. If you do sell it within those 3 years the grace period is transferable. After 3 years don't forget to ask the dmv/dol for a title as they will not do it automaticly for you....as if they were any help to begin with
  11. spaz_22

    Help cleaning up "new" truck!

    try spraying some magic black tire shine on everything. it'll make it all shiny. works well for inner fender wells also.
  12. spaz_22

    Tires... Which?

    i recommend the bridgestone dueler revo2 http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Dueler+A%2FT+Revo+2 get a free wii system too!!! or these. destination at's have been around forever http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Firestone&tireModel=Destination+A%2FT
  13. the one mounted on the truck looks to be a procomp light bar. look at fourwheelparts.com. N-fab also makes bolt on light bars. you can also get them from fourwheelparts.com. procomp http://www.4wheelparts.com/Bumpers-Tire-Carriers-Winch-Mounts/Pro-Comp-Pro-Runner-Light-Bar.aspx?t_c=64&t_s=360&t_pt=3182&t_pl=1851 nfab http://www.4wheelparts.com/Bumpers-Tire-Carriers-Winch-Mounts/Nfab-Pre-Runner-Light-Bar.aspx?t_c=64&t_s=360&t_pt=3182&t_pl=7128 will they protect you from anything? no. they will generally cause more damage as you now have a bar that's going to get pushed into and through your grille. they are strictly to give you the baja look and allow you to mount some lights.
  14. generally this code mean that the distributer is bad. But it's not hard to pull the timing cover on the 5.7's. might as well do a water pump while it's out though.
  15. oregon does not allow you to pump your own gas. A professional gas pumper must do it.....confused the hell out of me when some guy came up asking me what kind of gas i wanted in my car. i looked at him asking if pulled into the full service pump or something. He said no so i proceeded to pump my own gas. guy kept apoligizing cause he was helping other customers while i was pumping my gas. Same thing happened at the next gas station as well but he wouldn't let me pump my own gas. found out a few weeks later that you can't pump your own gas lol.