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  1. MX Tuner

    Removing the return throttle cable

    There is no "push" cable. One cable pulls the slide open, the other pulls it shut. Mostly a safety feature in case something causes the carb to bind in the open position. Pushing a multi-strand cable is right up there with pushing a rope.
  2. MX Tuner

    good valves , bad valves

    What problem? These are high performance engines with parts that are designed for performance. If you think the piston and valves should last 15 years, go buy an XR250. Performance comes at a price. One of the prices is increased maintenance requirements.
  3. MX Tuner

    Crf250x no idle

    Absolutely. In fact as they wear, they wear faster. On more than one occasion, I've told a customer I just got them one more ride before it won't start again, You can get a good indication by the shim thickness required to get adequate clearance. If you have a 1.40mm shim in there, you're on borrowed time.
  4. MX Tuner

    seized engine?

    Your valves aren't causing your "hard to turn" over issue. Check your oil filter for bits of brass looking metal. Your crank may be done.
  5. MX Tuner

    How to make my clutch lever pull in easier?

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the ASV or ARC levers since most people don't break levers by bending them outward anyways. Sort of a gimmick or a gadget in my eyes but I'm a skeptic any3ways. Sunline makes a great lever with their V1 levers since they fold up or down instead of "out". That being said, they are a little pricey compared to the stock lever and perch. Once you get the clutch pull situation sorted out, *then* think about a different lever if you still feel the need. The stock stuff works pretty well. You may be able to run the stock lever without cutting it by sliding the perch in (on the handlebar) far enough so the lever clears the brush guards. Be sure to position the brush guards so they are perfectly horizontal and with the clutch lever angled down slightly, they should clear pretty easily.
  6. MX Tuner

    How to make my clutch lever pull in easier?

    Have you tried a stock lever and perch?
  7. MX Tuner

    Honda... valve problems... what years ?

    I'm merely going on the scores of motors I've built for customers. I don't put a lot of faith on a lot of the threads here on TT. Besides, Honda designs shorter lifespan in their motor parts intentionally for performance reasons. Honda recommends piston changes at 15 hours. No other manufacturer does. Honda has always been that way with their competition bikes. I've seen more catastrophic failures from the four stroke KX's and KTM's. Honda's typically just refuse to start.
  8. MX Tuner

    Any major changes from 01 to 04 Yz125?

    There are minor differences, one of the biggest being the plastic shrouds/tank from '02 on up. The motor is *basically* the same with the big changes coming in '05.
  9. MX Tuner

    How to make my clutch lever pull in easier?

    Most common issues I've seen with excessive clutch pull are, wrong (aftermarket) lever/perch, unlubed cable (some do come lined and are not intended to be lubed) the lever pivot and hole for the barrel end getting dry/dirty, aftermarket clutch springs. There is nothing wrong with periodically cleaning and servicing the lever and cable. Its well worth the easier clutch pull. The best thing I've found for lubing a cable is Triflow. YMMV. Be careful with the methods that change the ratio. They can start giving clutch dragging symptoms and/or make the clutch lever needing to be pulled all the way to the grip before the clutch is completely disengaged.
  10. The timing chain stretches significantly and adversely affects the cam timing. I'd definitely put a chain in it while you have it that far down. If you need to recruit *qualified* help, do so. That doesn't mean your neighbor that worked on two strokes 15 years sgo.
  11. MX Tuner

    Honda... valve problems... what years ?

    There are aftermarket valves/kits available for all the high performance four strokes, not just the Hondas.
  12. MX Tuner

    Bash plate traps debris

    Just an FYI, the square foam *filler* that comes with some skid plates will absorb a lot of trash and will come out weighing as much as a brick after a could muddy rides. when washing your bike, do like the factory guys do and lay the handgrip on a stand to allow you to get everything underneath clean and allow it to drain.
  13. MX Tuner

    Tire recommendation

    Dunlops are good for a ride or two before their grip drops off significantly. The 403/404 Bridgestones wear well and work well and can be had at a good price. A lot depends on the terrain you're riding on.
  14. MX Tuner

    Help Buying used '04 CRF250x

    Regional price fluctuations come into play here. There's no way a used up 2004 X will bring $2k around here. Plus, if its as used as it sounds, the crank may be on the list of needed parts once you get the top end apart. If the rest of the bike needed nothing at all, it might be worth $1000 since you'll have to put that much more into the motor to have it built correctly, reliably and thoroughly.
  15. That's what I was thinking. If you have the head off, its sorta silly to *not* pull the cylinder.