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  1. sewerat

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Yes, I see the schedule is only rice lake now. I personally don't like the setup, bad experience and won't look to returning anytime soon. i have a few of my own local spots to use.
  2. sewerat

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    Right now, that’s what I’m doing. I’m waiting to be doing this
  3. sewerat

    Tenaci Wong Canada

    They have made their way into our hands now, have a couple out at bike shows this weekend and a couple more in the hands of customers being tested and ridden. Langs Offroad and Tenaci Wong Canada Facebook pages have a short video from the first initial uncrating of the bikes. keep your eyes out for updated product reviews in the near future.
  4. sewerat

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

  5. sewerat

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Scugog lake. Out of ceasera. Contact ocmc-racing.ca about current race circuit. But be informed, rules apply for safety reasons Must have guards, tether, transponder, and non chisel type studs.
  6. sewerat

    Tenaci Wong Canada

    The first 4 showed up at the shop today and all I can say is WOW. This is the first bike I have seen that actually comes ready to go, steering bearings greased with waterproof grease, swing, arm, linkage, throttle cable, all fasteners are SS, Real Carbon Fiber cover panels, not plastic with a sticker look like. The quality and workmanship on these are not different from what you would expect from a custom shop. We will be taking a few to the Toronto Super Show this weekend coming and will be taking or sending them to interested dealers in the new few months.
  7. sewerat

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    look up the OCMC for their race circuit. once you are in the loop guys will generally invite you to their spots. it seems to be a tight-knit group, generally private locations as it takes a lot to get a spot and keep a spot.
  8. sewerat

    Tenaci Wong Canada

    The engine is a Lifan engine, a custom built hydraulic clutch system, electric starter, SS fasteners. Price will be $5995 Canadian
  9. sewerat

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    I ride the ice as soon as i can get out on it, and for as long as its safe(ish) to ride
  10. sewerat

    Tenaci Wong Canada

    https://tenaciwong.ca/ Stopping at a dealer near you soon. First of the new year they should be available to look at. First stop will be Lang's Offroad.
  11. sewerat

    Tenaci Wong Canada

    Coming to a dealer near you soon. First stop will be Lang's Offroad in the first of next year. https://tenaciwong.ca/
  12. sewerat

    Sherco Canada

    Sherco Canada is alive and well again, and we are proud to say here at Lang's Offroad we will continue to carry the brand and support our growing base of customers with both parts and service. Please feel free to give us a call or email for and questions or pricing, we can and do ship across Canada any OEM parts.
  13. sewerat

    Most hrs on Beta made 4T?

    I have a customer with over 300hrs on a 16 480RR. myself I have almost 200hrs on my 15 480rr but I was off the bike for about a year and a half from a surgery
  14. sewerat

    Thoughts on Shercos 4 stroke 300 factory edition?

    This one stopped into the shop for a little overnight nap on its tour around Ontario. Will be in discussions in a few hours about their possible permanent residency later today.