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  1. Samson4721

    cant seem to figure this out

    thats awesome thanks for the help i was out yesterday and couldnt get it to run i geuss i know y now
  2. Samson4721

    cant seem to figure this out

    when you say bend it up were you meaning when looking at the bottom of the float or top?
  3. Samson4721

    cant seem to figure this out

    thanks ill get out in the garage today and try all that. that would also explain the stalling correct? so it should run fine if thats the problem? thanks
  4. Samson4721

    cant seem to figure this out

    how do i adjust them or get them to stop sticking? when i switch out the jets i sprayed it all with carb cleaner. once it starts its fine i know that, but i just ran out of gas. and i still cant figure out what is making it shut down i even ran it with the cap off. im begining to wander if its some thing eletrical or could the float be doing that as well? i did not change any adjustment on the carb either other than jets swap.
  5. Samson4721

    cant seem to figure this out

    i have a ttr 125l. i recently noticed that at wide open throttle it stalls out. even with the 115 main and 17.5 pilot.??!?! it makes no sense really. i do think it is a vent problem though. but just notice if i leave the gas on the carb pours gas out the overflow?? what could make it do that??
  6. Samson4721

    Glowing head pipe?

    thats pretty hot though just at idle. the bike could be running too lean, (could be caused by dirty jets)
  7. what do i have to do to fix this vent problem? your talking bout the vent on the gas lid right?
  8. i have a ttr 125l and noticed a problem one day. for some reason it was stalling out when i had it wound up or revved high then i would have to kick my leg off to get it started. then i found this forum and found i needed a new main and pilot. so i went 17.5 pilot 115main. i still seem to have the same problem and i have tried tweaking it every which way with no complete succsess. it almost seems like the bike drinks all the gas from the carb then stalls. any input would be apperciated.
  9. Samson4721

    Best bike?

    ive heard a lot of good things about the yamaha YZ250F. both trail and track bike
  10. Samson4721

    White plastic washer in carb

    i actually just forgot to put mine in after swapping out the 105 main for a 112.5 and it seems to run just fine. i couldnt believe how much of a difference the jets made!
  11. Samson4721


    i have an 01 125L. i think its got enough bottom end since i smoke most bikes off the line but would like to have that extra top end to stay out front
  12. Samson4721

    After riding pictuers..insane

    i think thats the best when your buddys are on 4*4's and you are keeping right up with them. they kinda act like how in the world did he just get through all that mud? they look so confused.. hahahha
  13. Samson4721


    will it be drastic??
  14. Samson4721


  15. Samson4721

    A few questions about the 250F

    i heard that the 450 is not so good in the lower rpms and is really for racing and not to good on trails just my 2 cents