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  1. xTYBALTx

    Aaah! So what is coming for '08 already!

    The '08 will be a factory plated, direct injected, 198 pound two stroke. And it'll be available in three colors.
  2. xTYBALTx

    FI for 2008 is here

    If FI were being introduced to placate the likes of CARB, then why would Suzuki put FI on an MX model?
  3. xTYBALTx

    07 CRF 450X... Do you love it?

    Whichever you get, don't look back. You'll be happy with either. I personally don't like to purchase motor vehicles in the first year of a major revision.
  4. xTYBALTx

    deathwish singletrack

    Take it to PM and meet in person for a ride.
  5. xTYBALTx

    Street legal 300?

    Yes. Even a two stroke.
  6. xTYBALTx

    Plated 2smokes on the street in moab

    CWO4GUNNER - I'm not sure that you're following. You can plate a smoker just as easily as a thumper in plenty of states. That's the point.
  7. xTYBALTx

    Plated 2smokes on the street in moab

    Yeah I thought that the inspection consisted solely of ensuring you have DOT tires, mirrors, lights, etc. What is there on the bike that they would see during inspection?
  8. xTYBALTx

    Plated 2smokes on the street in moab

    Can't you still plate smokers in most states?
  9. xTYBALTx

    2008 KTM 200 & Hyde Developments

    Could you do me a favor and weigh that bike? =D
  10. xTYBALTx

    deathwish singletrack

    Just don't look off the left edge on the way up!
  11. xTYBALTx

    ktm 200 vs crf250x

    I'd say get the 200.
  12. xTYBALTx

    kdx vs 200exc

    I have both. Sometimes I still like my KDX - it's the hardest bike to stall I've ever ridden and will climb anything.
  13. xTYBALTx

    deathwish singletrack

    Definitely for mountain bikes. You can tell by the sharp switchback at the bottom of the long ramp. Hikers don't do trail maintenance. They just eat granola bars and post on the internet trying to shut down our riding areas. ;] Mountain bike trails are fun for dirt bikers - usually fast, smooth, and very twisty.
  14. xTYBALTx

    Thinks to carry (When Riding your 450X)

    Thinks to drink?