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  1. Paradan09

    Air Filter Screen 450SX

    I took the screen out as well. Actually I bought the filter carrier from a 125 2016 as the two strokes come without screen. I think it was $12. Running an Acrapovic exhaust it also ran a little on the lean side, though not as bad as my 2014 did with the same mods. I use a EJK fuel controller for compensating and it works really well. Pulls stronger and cleaner throttle response with the fuel controller.
  2. Paradan09

    2016 KTM Shock springs

    Why not just order the spring from KTM?
  3. Paradan09

    2016 350sxf

    I have an Akrapovic slip-on on my 16 350 and my buddy has the full Akrapovic exhaust. In his and my opinion there are no noticeable power gains between the slip-on and the full system. Both bikes are mapped for the exhausts. Despite that the titanium header of his bike looks sick.....
  4. Paradan09

    2016 KTM 350sxf Prices paid?

    @Steve Kay Did not know it is that expensive in the UK. I paid 8000€ with air pump and 3 air filters. That is 8700$.
  5. Paradan09

    Which pipe is this?

    That is my bike. And yes it is right that it is a cut down Akra for the 2015 model. Cutting is not that hard, but if you have to buy a new one anyways, I might also leave it alone. Unfortunately the 2016 Akra is even longer than the stock muffler. So maybe I would could that one too - just for the looks. But it is way easier to cut the outlet down, than it is to cut on the inlet side.
  6. Paradan09

    Jd jetting injecter tuner x6?

    I had the Dobeck EJK (identical to JD) on my 2014 350 SXF. I bought it because my bike developed lean pop on decel after I changed to an Akrapovic exhaust and replaced the air filter carrier with one without mesh screen. The controller really helped with the lean pop and I gained quite a bit of bottom and mid power. You can achieve the same with the user setting tool, but the cool thing about the controller is that you can use it on the track without carrying a laptop with you. At first I started to play with the settings a lot, but after I figured out what I liked best I left it alone. Except for deep sand tracks where I adjustet the full load setting to be richer to make the bike run cooler. I now have a 2016 SXF that is not running that lean from the factory, but I will still put the fuel controller back on as soon as I changed the connectors on the harness to fit the 2016 injector.
  7. Paradan09

    Wheelset? Ktm 250 to 505

    Dude is right. As KTM wheel bearings run on the spacer, you can simply swap the spacer to make the wheels fit different model years axle. Just choose the spacer for the model year of the bike. You can get thise from KTM directly or aftermarket companies like All Balls.
  8. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    Why try it? The result is clear. The inlet pipe of the 2016 will produce a 30mm gap on any model before 2016. The only solution would be to fabricate a sleeve to overcome those 30mm.
  9. Paradan09

    250 SX-F 2013 Camshaft issue

    I had a friend who did not put the oil breather tube (no. 48 in the pic above) in correctly. Therefore the breather tube made the camshaft bridge put lots of pressure on the camshaft so that it got jammed. After putting the breather in the correct position and tightening down the cam bridge, the bike ran flawlessly again.
  10. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    I did not have to relocate any of the hangers even though they are welded as well. On the akrapovic the inlet pipe is completely parallel to the hangers. Therefore cutting the canister only moves it inwards but does not change the distance to the subframe.
  11. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    On the Akrapovic I also deceided against cutting the inlet pipe. The inlet pipe has a flange inside that helps seal the pipe against the header pipe. If you cut 30mm there you will loose that flange. And you won't find any spring short enough to fit the cut pipe ( not that the KTM needs the spring anyways). So I went for cutting down the can on the Akrapovic also. 1. drill out the rivets on the inlet side 2. draw a line spaced 30mm from the outer edge of the can all around the can 3. mark the new rivet holes on that 30mm line 4. remove the inlet from the can (comes out completely with the inner pipe and the rockwool) 4. cut the can on the 30mm line 5. drill the 4.8mm holes for the rivets 6. fit the inlet again after two holes to see if everythin lines up, otherwise adapt the next holes 7. remove the rockwool and steelmesh from the inner pipe 8. cut the inner pipe and remaining steelmesh 30mm as well 9. clean the cutting edges on the can and inner pipe otherwise the inlet will be hard to fit as it is a really tight fit now comes the fiddly part 10. put the meshscreen and rockwool back on the inner pipe 11. put the inner pipe back into the can. There is a tapered pipe in the endcap that accomodates the inner pipe. You have to try to hit that taper. I put a wooden stick thru the endcap into the inner pipe to have some leverage and with a second pair of hands it worked well. The easier way is to also remove the endcap and put the inner pipe in the can first. Fill everything up with rockwool and fit the encap. 12. put the rivets back in and you are good to go! Took me abaout 1.5h to do the job.
  12. Paradan09

    2016 SXF450 parts

    Has anyone found aftermarket plastics yet?
  13. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    Here is a pic of my bike with the Akra. You have to cut it at the inlet. It is actually pretty straight forward to do. Just a pita to put back together.
  14. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    I can take a picture tomorrow. You have to shorten it 30mm to make a 12-15 fit the 16 KTM. I paid 440€ for the slip on when I bought my 2014 KTM. As I carried it over to my 2016 the price is not to bad. The build quality is top notch, it is feathery light and it is one of the quietest silencers I have ever heard on a KTM. A friend of mine has a Yosh and it is way louder than my shortened Akrapovic.
  15. Paradan09

    2016 250 SXF FMF or Pro-Circuit

    @mog After I cut it down to the proper lenghth to fit the 16, my Akra weighs 1.2kg.