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  1. Ivey202

    2018/19 yz450f oversized tank

    Good to know. I have been waiting to pull the trigger on a bigger tank for my 18 F and was leaning toward the 19 fx tank. Were you able to make it work?
  2. Ivey202

    18-19 YZ450 Acerbis 2.6 gal tank

    They just showed in stock on Rocky Mountain Cool. Looking forward to the pics.
  3. Ivey202

    18-19 YZ450 Acerbis 2.6 gal tank

    I will have one this week. Look forward to some pictures and a review. Awesome. Thanks. Where are you getting from. Acerbis didn't have it available when I checked but that was couple weeks ago.
  4. Ivey202

    2019 yz 450f shroud inlets

    Not sure how much they help but Cycra shroud scoop in a little more than stock.🤷‍♂️
  5. Ivey202

    remove launch control button

    Anybody tried using these start and kill buttons from ride engineering to free up space.
  6. Ivey202

    18-19 YZ450 Acerbis 2.6 gal tank

    That's what I am worried about. I'm leaning toward the fx tank even tho the acerbis I can get for $65 less. I'm going to contact acerbis and see if they ca and send some pics
  7. Is anybody using the Acerbis 2.6 gal fuel tank? I was going to get the FX tank but I see Acerbis now has one available. I can not find a picture of the Acerbis tank on the bike but it appears the you may have to leave the front seat "pad" off.
  8. Ivey202

    remove launch control button

    I relocated mine zip tied behind the number plate.
  9. Ivey202

    2018-19 airbox cover?

    Found this in twmx.
  10. Does anybody who makes this airbox cover. I'm guessing cycra but its not available yet.
  11. Ivey202

    Let’s see those yami 450’s!!

    Thanks. Yeah. It is a exp 3.0. I do not like it for flat track. It can be inconsistent sometimes when entering a corner. It does help on some slower TT corners tho. The AMA makes us run it or a slipper at Nationals. I would rather use the stock clutch setup.
  12. Ivey202

    2014-2017 YZ450F K&N air filter

    I run one in my 16 yz450f setup for flattrack. They are a pain to change. I usually just use in for bigger tracks that I'm trying to get all the hp I can get and run a foam filter for the rest of the tracks.
  13. Ivey202

    Nanji shock

    Has anybody used the Nanji rear shock that's available on ebay???
  14. Ivey202

    Let’s see those yami 450’s!!

    Here is a couple of 450 set up for flattrack.
  15. Thanks. Did the add any width to the bike?