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  1. Ivey202

    Let’s see those yami 450’s!!

    Here is a couple of 450 set up for flattrack.
  2. Ivey202

    07 Yamaha YZ250 EG295cc


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    07 Yamaha yz 250. Eric Gorr 295 set up for pump fuel and "mo betta" porting. Boysen Rad valve. FMF gnarly exhaust, GYTR flywheel, wiseco clutch basket, enzo suspension for 175 lbs, oversized 270mm front brake rotor radiator braces, 2 skid plates. Top and bottom end rebuilt 12/17. Extra oversized fuel tank, extra set of stock wheels, rekluse clutch, extra dented FMF gnarly pipe. The bike is ready to ride. $3200


    Peoria - US

  3. Thanks. Did the add any width to the bike?
  4. Thanks guys. Ill probably go with the w/c or the gytr cages.
  5. I just got a an 18 yz450 and want to get some radiator protection. Does anyone have any recommendations. I am leaning toward the GYTR cages.
  6. Ivey202

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    Thanks for info. I already have gytr oil nozzle so I should be good. Any insight on where the cams will benefit power. Top end, mid, all around?
  7. Ivey202

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    What is the compression ratio for the oem piston on the 16 vs the 18. I have a 16 set up for flattrack and am currently running the the gytr piston but plan on rebuilding soon. I was considering the CP 13.5-1. I will probably switch to the 18 cams that you mentioned. The bike has 15hrs. Would you suggest going to the 18 springs with the cams. Also would the springs and retainers be necessary.
  8. There is a natural sand track called Sandy oaks near Keithsburg, IL. They hold hair scrambles there a couple times a year but it usually rideable most of the winter because it is 100% sand. Great for training. Sand whoop everywhere. $5 to ride. Open everyday. Put money in a mailbox and go ride. I have rode with 3'' of snow of snow on the ground.
  9. Ivey202

    16 yz450 valve seat material

    Thanks. I'll check it out.
  10. Ivey202

    16 yz450 valve seat material

    Thanks. I haven't heard much about taper boring throttle bodies. I'll have to look into this. Any suggestions on who performs this service or where I can find info about it's benefits
  11. Ivey202

    16 yz450 valve seat material

    Thanks. I have considered the GYTR head but they are $2100 versus port and polish and cams are about $1500. I am guessing they have similar power gains?? I could sell my good head and probably save money but I don't think I want to go that route. Also I can't find any specs on the aftermarket cams available for these bike so I am not sure what would benefit me more for my application.
  12. Ivey202

    16 yz450 valve seat material

    I am trying to get more performance. I use the bike for flat track.
  13. Ivey202

    16 yz450 valve seat material

    Thanks. I am having port and polishing done and probably going to be running a pro circuit cams. The bike has less than 10 hrs on it so seats and valves should be in good condition.
  14. Does anyone know what the original valve seat material is on 16 Yz 450f. I am going to be having some head work done and I am trying to decide if there is any benefit to aftermarket seats vs oe.
  15. Does anyone have a starting point for mapping suggestions for my 16 yz450f? The bike will be for racing flattrack. I have the GYTR 14-1 piston, FMF exhaust and K&N air filter. I am also required to run Sunoco Supreme race fuel. Thanks