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    ATF from cylinder head? Pics

    Kid ran his 50sx for a couple hours today and I noticed a thin film of red fluid at the back of the cylinder at the head. I can only imagine it’s the atf as my premix is clear. However, I’m confused since I would assume coolant would come out too. The only thing I can think of is maybe some grease was used on the o-rings when the top end was done (previous owner). Is it possible for the atf to get up to the head thru a crank seal and head gasket? Bike runs and idles fine and doesn’t smoke...I’m stumped.
  2. dbart250

    ATF from cylinder head? Pics

    There is in the gearbox. I thought it strange it would make its way up and out thru two different seals anyway. It runs too well for that many leaks. Thanks for the responses.
  3. dbart250

    ATF from cylinder head? Pics

    Blue engine ice is in there now. I thought of it being grease just recently. But I agree, shouldn’t be anything coming out. I also assumed if it was atf it would be dirty or discolored, not look brand new. I have the seals and o-rings but I’d rather not tear it down if I don’t have to. Leak down test maybe?
  4. dbart250

    2 Stroke Not Started for years

    I’ve had good luck finding individual oem gaskets on eBay as well. I pulled the clutch for inspection and replaced seals for maybe $15. I agree with everyone else, hit the basics like you have and enjoy riding. Like Drago said, “ if he dies, he dies.” Then do the full rebuild
  5. dbart250

    100LL for 13ktm50

    Tried in minis without a bite. Long story short, pilot buddy can get me gas for free, can I run it in the 50? I’ve run it in my 250, wasn’t sure about the mini. They are temperamental to begin with so trying to be careful where I can. Thoughts?
  6. dbart250

    100LL in a ktm50?

  7. dbart250


    I’ve always recommended decal works. Number plates run about 60. Last forever.
  8. dbart250

    Oil leaking from under my bike (yz85)

    My mistake. I was thinking powervalve and missed it was an 85. Apologies.
  9. dbart250

    2013 ktm 50 sx center clutch bolt

    New bike to me, wanted to pull the clutch. This is the Torx nut center of the clutch. I can’t find if it’s left handed thread or not. My guess is no since I can’t find anything on it. Watched what videos I could find and only a couple show the removal, but the quality is so bad it’s hard to tell. Thanks for any help. Dave
  10. dbart250

    Oil leaking from under my bike (yz85)

    Possibly crank breather dripping excess oil from being too rich. If you can start without the choke it’s rich. Idling is loading it up.
  11. dbart250

    2013 ktm 50 sx center clutch bolt

    it is a standard thread, for future reference. thanks again.
  12. dbart250

    'powerband' brand clutch cover

    There is a 'Powerband' clutch cover on the 2013 ktm 50 sx I just bought. Any know if it holds more than 200cc like some other aftermarket covers? So far all ive turned up is 'powerband' suspension service out of Minnesota and a guy overseas who deals various brands. Not finding much else.
  13. dbart250

    Buying PW50 that's been sitting

    I always checked for signs of abuse...loose stem bearings, dinged rim, rear frame extension bent down. I’ve bought a couple, always got a little money off for it knowing it didn’t effect much as far as my kids were concerned. If it isn’t running, get it for pennies. Like mentioned above, those things run forever. If it isn’t, price accordingly
  14. dbart250

    2013 ktm 50 sx center clutch bolt

    Yes...for now at least. I actually read one of your threads but it dealt with something a little different. Thanks for the quick response
  15. Looks like that bushing needs to be pushed in farther to expose the rectangle end, allowing the push arm to sit on there
  16. It's probably not a coating. If it is a dull or matte grey finish it's from them bead blasting. My whole cylinder from millennium was that same dull color. Just take some fine grit sandpaper on a block and touch up the gasket surface. I had no issues.
  17. dbart250

    bike is destroying carb seals and o rings!?

    Id make sure you arent using e85. It has a higher octane rating so maybe the pump displays 105? Not sure, ive never gotten it. I live in the corn belt and have little choice but to run 10% ethanol without issues. Makes me think you are running 85. Do you use any fuel treatments?
  18. dbart250

    YZ85 Float Issues

    The lower the float the less fuel inside the bowl. Be certain the little spring in the needle valve isnt compressed when you are measuring. That can make you off by a mm or two
  19. dbart250

    Best security for a garage

    Never sleep. 24 hour firewatch. Start snorting ripped fuel and youll be awake for days lol
  20. dbart250

    2015 YZ250 Pinging

    You have to think about the power loss associated with pinging. You arent firing at the optimal time anyway. The timing adjustment is the cheapest and the head mod about $80 i think. Both are way cheaper than a whole top end!
  21. dbart250

    yz250 only runs for short time

    Set the float height. Thats sounds like the issue. If you are sure youre getting fuel, if the float is off it wont run. Also check to make sure the floats arent full of gas.
  22. My 91 yz250 was restored this winter. It started pinging after new replate, so i mix 25% sonoco 110 with the normal 93. I reset jetting to stock at rebuild 45p/330 main/needle 4th. 40:1 with interceptor. It spooged a little bit the last couple track days with temps around 90. Yesterday i trail rode for a few hours at 75 degrees and zero spooge. Would 15 degrees make all that difference? I assumed lugging would have made a huge mess. If i understand it correctly it means im jetted a bit rich for the hotter temp, right? Just trying to understand it a bit better. Thx for the help
  23. dbart250

    Temp change question

    Excellent. I think i am stock 330 on the main but i know i was 350 before. Not sure if i switched it now that i think about it. Thank you!
  24. Like montoya and the jet dryer lol
  25. Works great unless he buys an aluminum one