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  1. Hey I saw you had an Acerbis 4.1 gallon tank on your 450X. I just purchased one of these tanks and could use some help with hose routing. Can you give me a description or more clear pics on how you routed yours, especially the right side? Did you have any fuel feed issues with how you routed it? 

  2. I don't know the answer to your problem, but I'd bet the folks at Ricky Stator do. Give them a call and ask. I've been nothing but pleased with the quality of the parts and the service I have received in the past, and I have installed the exact same kit you ordered except my stator was a new one of theirs.
  3. RollingJ

    HID upgrade

    Yes, I did order the kit and it worked great. I had no problems at all. I recommend this kit. +1000 Just do it.
  4. RollingJ

    HID upgrade

    No, that's what the R/R is for. I have been running this setup (RS stator and HID with ADVmonster Model 60, both only on when needed) for over a year and my 14a shorai is doing great.
  5. RollingJ

    New Aftermarket Stator - Issues

    It sounds DOA to me, unless there are some odd wiring instructions that weren't in the box. I've been running my RickyStator stator for close to 3k miles and it is working great.
  6. RollingJ

    Running in Top End Rebuild

    First go here, Type in MrRong and save changes. It won't help with the break-in, but you will feel so much better in the long run. Second, follow CRF DOC's advice.
  7. RollingJ

    Mini Light bar - HID's are a thing of the past.

    Yes (or another manufactures stator upgrade) and yes.
  8. RollingJ

    The missing link...the bike we've been waiting for...

    Did anybody happen to note today's date?
  9. RollingJ

    Heavy drag sometimes when kick starting

    I bought a new starter and starter clutch and put them in last weekend. It's turning over faster than at any time I have owned the bike, and it's starting great. Here's the old starter clutch. There's a lot of wear on the inner surface as well.
  10. RollingJ

    Mini Light bar - HID's are a thing of the past.

    You truly are an ass. Dispute that.
  11. RollingJ

    Mini Light bar - HID's are a thing of the past.

    Y'all need to chill. I just gave my opinion of the equipment that I have and how it works for me. Dang!
  12. RollingJ

    Mini Light bar - HID's are a thing of the past.

    I have a Ricky Stator Hid kit (stator, r/r, wiring, ballast and HID bulb for the stock headlight shell) and a 28w LED (ADVmonster Model 60, 4 Cree XM-L U2 lights). The LED appears brighter to the naked eye, but the HID pushes a whole lot farther down the road. The LEDs work great as fill and as a backup light source.
  13. RollingJ

    What does rev limiter sound like?

    Shift gears?
  14. RollingJ

    Heavy drag sometimes when kick starting

    That's what I was looking for. Thanks to you all. I have a friend who is a magician with a welder. Is there any proven way to reinforce the case while I have the bike torn down?
  15. RollingJ

    Heavy drag sometimes when kick starting

    Yeah, I get the whole 'never kick it'. Let's move on to the issue of the heavy drag. For the sake of argument we will say that I was just turning the bike over with the kick lever. Cool? I found no binding in the decomp system, or odd wear. The valves haven't moved in well over a year. They are at the exact spec I placed them when I went with SS in early 2013. The decomp was adjusted for fastest spin instead of by the manual. The only thing I can think of is that the decomp spring is getting weak.There was not much force at all on the decomp weight. How does that sound?