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  1. stevensonnz

    Rmz 250 2006 shifting problem

    Any updates to this old dead thread? Bikes been sitting in the shed for years unfixed and unridden. Did the new spring happen to fix your bike?
  2. stevensonnz

    DRZ250 2007 Gear Lever Help

    Bump Anyone know of any other lever?
  3. stevensonnz

    DRZ250 2007 Gear Lever Help

  4. stevensonnz

    350sxf 2011 FI Light question

    Just to follow up. It now has 1 long 3 short which is intake air temp sensor it seems. How do I diagnose it?
  5. stevensonnz

    DRZ250 2007 Gear Lever Help

    I'm looking for an aftermarket gear shift lever ( foot lever ) for the bike and can't seem to find anything. All I can find is the stock lever which is small and a bit shit. Can any other bikes lever fit this bike or am I just out of luck and stuck with the stock foot lever?
  6. Was riding my bike the other day and noticed that while I was riding the FI light came on and stayed on. It would turn of if I pulled the clutch in but turned back on if the clutch was released. The light did not blink at all. The light does flash when starting the bike but turns off when running usually. Is this cause for concern ? Cheers
  7. stevensonnz

    2007 85sx exhaust silencer help

    Hi. I have taken my exhaust silencer off to replace the packing in the silencer and have noticed the bolts are all missing. Photos attached. What bolts do I need for it? I have checked the oem diagram and can't see what bolts/screws I need. Any help will be greatly appreciated cheers.
  8. stevensonnz

    KTM 450sxf 2015 or Kawasaki KXF450 2016

    Bump. Any other opinions
  9. stevensonnz

    KTM 450sxf 2015 or Kawasaki KXF450 2016

    I'm about 120kg and about 6 ft 5 so that's why I think the extra power could come in handy to lug me around. Pretty much trail rides and sometimes a bit of desert. Thanks for the reply
  10. Title pretty much says it all. What bike would be the better bike. Mainly do trail rides. Should i get the 2015 KTM or wait for the 2016 Kawasaki
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yeah u reken I need the extra power. I'm like 6' 5" and about 120kg. Haha. Sweet I'll have a look at em but may be just out of my price range. Probably won't be buying brand new but anything over 2010 would be sweet
  12. Im looking at getting a new bike this year and i am currently riding a 2 stroke KTM 250sx 2003. Love the 2 strokes but im looking at trying a 4 stroke and getting a enduro or trail bike for the electric start side of it. Wouldnt mind some opinoins as to what would be a good 4 stroke enduro or trail bike. Been looking at husaberg 450s and such but dont know how to make my mind up! If you need more information from me, drop a question and ill get back to you asap Thanks for help in advance
  13. stevensonnz

    Ktm 250sx 2003 what are your jetting settings

    So I bought a 180 main and a 50 pilot. My jetting specs are now as the chart recommends but the bike seems to be bogging even when adjusting the air screw
  14. stevensonnz

    Ktm 250sx 2003 what are your jetting settings

    Have just ordered a 180 main and a 50 pilot jet for my bike. It should arrive in the next week and I will check out how my bike runs as soon as I get back from Australia.