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  1. Does anyone have the Bell Moto 8 helmet? If so, do you think it is worth $180 brand new? (I believe it is the 2009 version, rather than the 2010 version which I believe was Snell2010 rated.) Currently, I have the MX-1, which is Snell M2010 rated. I am thinking about returning it for the Moto 8 which is a little bit more, but wondering if it is worth the extra $50 over the MX-1. How does the Bell Moto 8 compare to the Bell MX-1 helmet? How much better (safety wise) is the Moto 9 compared to the Moto 8? (I know MX-1 is Snell2010 & DOT & Moto 8 is Snell2005 & DOT while the Moto 9 is Snell2010 & DOT.) Is there that much of a difference to justify the huge price difference between the helmets? Thanks in advance.
  2. 0hioB0b

    Storing the bike away for winter

    Oh, OK. That makes sense. How can you tell or know if you are at TDC?
  3. 0hioB0b

    Storing the bike away for winter

    OK, I will ask the newb question. What is TDC?
  4. I am trying to decide on what supermoto rims (brand) I should go with for street riding. I have some choices from Motostrano. http://www.motostrano.com/Supermoto-Wheels-s/1957.htm Does anyone have or had experience with the following brands? 1) DNA 2) Warp 9 3) Motostrano Supermoto wheels I know I will be getting for front 17x3.5 & rear 17x4.25 size wheels, but not sure what brand to rely on. I plan on streeting my CRF450X mostly, but maybe, just maybe some off road a bit from time to time. Just know for sure I plan to be a street tard hooligan. So, DNA seems to be the cheapest, but I know the cheapest isn't always the best choice. Also, if I were to choose Warp 9 how would the non-floating brake rotor hold up for my use? Or should I just plan to change to a floating rotor? Lastly, what brand of sprockets & chain should I plan to get for street tarding? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I was wondering for those who have the Baja Design Dual Sport kit, what speedo did you go with? Trail Tech Vapor or Acewell? Just trying to find out what speedo works best with the Baja Design Dual Sport kit. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was thinking of Baja Designs, but I have seen several using Trail Tech X2 headlights, so I just wasn't sure. How has the Baja Designs hold up? Thanks for the replies.
  7. So, I am on the hunt for a kit (headlight, taillight/brake light, turn signals, horn, etc.). So, what kit are you running on your 450X? Or did you piece it together? If so, what parts? Thanks in advance. 0hioB0b
  8. Ok, so I did try the search feature first, but with no luck. So, what is the MPG's to be expected of a stock CRF450X? What MPG's can expect when I switch the gearing (sprockets) to 15/44 or so? Thanks.
  9. 0hioB0b

    Storing the bike away for winter

    OK, so I am new to dirtbikes, but I know this doesn't just pertain to dirtbikes. With that in mind, I am wondering how do I drain the carb so I can store my 450X for winter? What else do you do to properly store your bike for the winter months? (battery tender, etc.) Also, just an a side question, what is the stock sprocket teeth count on the 450X (front & rear)? Thanks.
  10. elan, Thanks again for all the great info, now I have a direction to go with my build. One last, probably silly question, but since I have never owned a dirt bike before, what stand or jack should I invest in for storing my 450X for the winter months here in Ohio? (Of course it will be stored in my garage for the winter.) Thanks again.
  11. elan, No biggie. They say there are alot of Bob's out there. Very strange though having the same forum name. I can see why you would think that. Thanks for answer my questions though. Just a few last questions...for now. I am just hoping I didn't make a mistake with this 450X. The guy is the second owner but probably would consider him the first, due to the fact his friend who bought it brand new from the dealer years back, only rode it 1 summer and sold it to him. Guess it was a little too much for his friend. So, he has maintained it with a local dealership for all the major maintenance, but has done his own oil/tranny changes. The bike has the full Yoshi exhaust system, alum skid plate & radiator guards & aftermarket air filter, new sprockets & chain & tires look brand new (dirt tires). The plastics are pretty scratched up, but it is a dirtbike, what do you expect. I know I have several things to do to make this streetable and legal on the street. Here is my list as of now: 1) Trail Tech Speedo/Tacho 2) Mirror(s) 3) Maybe an hour meter (since the manual mentions oil chainges in hours not miles) 4) Turn signals (maybe) 5) Rims / tires 6) Big Brake kit (with relocator - I think I need that) 7) SS brake lines Not sure if I am missing anything else for now. The bike is actually an 05' not an 07' like I thought. Did that year model have this same issue of blowby that requires stainless steel valves & TRX piston that you mentioned, if it is going to be mostly on the road? Oh, I have read that I should look at changing the gearing on the 450X if I am going to street it. What do you recommend for this? What rim brand do you recommend? (DNA, Excel, Warp 9, etc.) Thanks again to all for everything.
  12. What is SuperMotoJunkie? I will need to check that out. How many miles do you put on your 450X supermoto between maintenance? What size of supermoto rims would I need for a 450X? Oh, one other question, what tires would be good for a converted CRF450X? Shinko's, Metzlers, ? Thanks to all.
  13. Hi, I am looking at buying an 07 CRF450X that has several aftermarket parts, full Yoshi exhaust, IMS 3.2 tank, alum skid plate & radiator guards & a few other things. So, what do I need to know about turning this baby into a supermoto aka street tard? What is the stock numbers for the 450X, hp & torque? that I can expect. I assume in stock form it has a rev limiter, right? In stock form does it have a odometer or an hour counter so to know when it is time to change the oil and perform normal maintenance? What are the normal issues with the CRF that I should know about? Someone mentioned swapping the stock piston/rings with a TRX that has 3 rings and swapping the stock valves with stainless steel ones to improve the oil consumption. Is this really necessary? And would you lose power by doing this? How difficult will it be to add the Trail Tech speedo/tacho on it? How difficult will it be to add turn signals to it? Also, where can I get those sweet small round mirrors that attach directly to the handlebar? What should I expect for insurance costs of this bike? Lastly, is there a good teeth count for the most fun/power out of the 450X, like 15 up front and blah blah at the back, for supermotoing? Thanks for your time. Soon to be a Red Hooligan.
  14. OK, that is what I was trying to ask. What brands (name brands) do you recommend for supermoto gear? (helmet, jacket, boots, jeans, etc.) Someone mentioned Icon. Any others? I am totally clueless when it comes to offroad gear. I have some Icon gear(TiMax jacket, Field Armor boots, TiMax gloves) for my cruiser bike, but wasn't sure of what helmet to get. Also, I know it sounds like a copy cat, but I really do like the off-road helmet with goggles look while riding a SM bike. But I am not sure what brand is a good, great, best brand. (Thor, Bell, KBC, etc.) Thor just sounds cool, but not sure how good they are. Also, if it says DOT & Snell approved, does that make it street legal helmet? Thanks.
  15. Anyone have or rode a KTM 450 SMR? Found one that is asking $3500 that has all the parts to make it street legal, but needs plated by DMV. Wondering if this one would work for me. I am new to SM and not sure I will like it or love it or neither, so not wanting to put alot of money into it until I know for sure. Husky dealer (aka BMW) is about 65 miles away while the KTM dealer is about 30 miles away. Just wondering.