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  1. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Took my DRZ from Socal to Vegas

    Seal Beach...hey..that's my town too Too bad we can't ride on the beach like Pismo...
  2. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Took my DRZ from Socal to Vegas

    sounds like you be ready for the LA -B- V ride in November....!!!
  3. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Can Amatuer Put "E" Baske Gasket on "S"

    OK...can a three thumbed amateur with a manual replace the "S" base gasket with an "E" or "K"...or just let the shop do it?
  4. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    400S gets its a** kicked all night

    Buy A Zrx 1200....and Stomp Their Butts Into The Ground...
  5. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Stock Back Rim - Still Looking

    thanks guys...I'll keep looking. That was one damn expensive trail ;-)
  6. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Stock Back Rim - Still Looking

    Still looking for a stock back rim/wheel to replace mine... Dinged mine riding.. I have a 2002 400S.. Let me know if you have one...
  7. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Punished our DRZs

    AWESOME..... So...the LA-B-V will be a piece of cake for your guys!!!
  8. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    supermoto wheels, what to look for?

    If any of you guys want to sell your stocker rims...let me know. I gotta ding on my back rim and wouldn't mind pickuing up a new one.
  9. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Stock Rims Stick tires

    If you want to sell your stock rims...let me know. I gotta ding in my back rim...and wouldn't mind a new one.
  10. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Stocker rear rim for Sale? - dinged mine

    Hey... Got a nice ding/bend in my rear rim... I've got a 2002 "S"....anybody looking to sell there stocker rear wheel/rim? I'm in SoCal...Seal Beach / Long Beach area.....
  11. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Help For Rim

    Thanks guys...appreciate it. Now to gotake off my terraflex...what a pain in the A$$.
  12. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Help For Rim

    Hello... Well....doing 50 down a jeep path this weekend and hit one hell of a rut. put a nice warp in the back rim. I could ride it back..and it didn't blow the tire....but it's definitely there. I think I can just hammer it out with a rubber hammer...but one question. Would you guys put some heat on it...or just hammer it "cold"?
  13. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37

    Another Tall Rider With Leg Pain

    SDG was hard as a freaking rock...but the cover was nice and pliable. I ended up buying the Baja Designs tall foam kit...and then ordering an SDG seat cover...worked great. Saved my A$$ on the LA-B-V ride two years ago...and gave me a better perch on the bike.
  14. I might be able to haul the family out there... two kids..5 and 9...
  15. Discount_Brain_Surgery_D37


    The XD is a cool/decent helmet. It can get dusty if you're in a huge crowd. I have a black one I'd sell for $300 if anyone wants to give it a shot... just PM me...