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  1. tdub_209

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Full System

  2. tdub_209

    BBR Motorsports 143CC Big Bore Kit with Cam

    love it
  3. tdub_209

    KTM 65 SX 2002

  4. tdub_209

    KTM 65 SX (2002)


  5. tdub_209

    Honda CRF100F 2004

    its a Honda. never has a problem
  6. tdub_209

    Honda CRF100F (2004)


    its a Honda. never has a problem
  7. tdub_209

    Kawasaki KLX110 2007

    love it
  8. tdub_209

    Klx110 suspension recommendation

    we also did a suspension swap on our 2007 klx110. we did bbr fork springs and heavier oil in the forks. and then a bigger shock in the rear. be careful when you do a shock though we did to big and didn't do a swingarm swap so it sits high in the rear and is VERY! stiff. the kickstand doesent fit either. so just a heads up on the rear check lengths and double check. but other than that good luck on your build! best bike to build a affordable pit bike out of hands down(in my opinion)
  9. tdub_209

    I am looking at getting a Yamaha Blaster

    my dad had one and trail ridin sucked but on the track it was good because they were wid eso they didnt tip ovwr that easy
  10. tdub_209

    rm125 lowering

    hey guys i have a 1999 rm125 i am 14 and 5'4 it is too tall can i put a 85 big wheel or 150r wheel on the front of my biike soits smaller or just get supermoto rims with dirt tires or what???? thanks -T.J. (dirtbikeboy10) i dont want to mess with my suspension like: lowering kits shocks forks nothin just wheels if possible thanks
  11. tdub_209

    1999 rm125 for sale $1100

  12. tdub_209

    1999 rm125 for sale $1100

    bike is clean and has fmf fatty pipe turbine core 2 tg metal bars accrbis hand guards not mounted because brackets are striped and will take trade on a:yz80,yz85,kx85,rm80,rm85,cr80,crf150f,,kx100 BIKE MUST BE GREEN STICKER
  13. tdub_209

    2001 ktm sx65 for sale

    sorry guys bike is sold!! :thumbsup:
  14. hey my names T.J. and i just bought a rm and am 5'2 and 100lbs how do i lower it? i lowered forks s. found linkage . heard that u could buy shorter shock? what about rm80-85"l" wheels? if any suggestions hit me up please and thank u have a great day theodore_souza@yahoo.com