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  1. voldemar

    YZ250FX Handling Issues

    How did you do that ?))
  2. voldemar

    YZ250FX Handling Issues

    i think you need to return everything to the standard position, , shrink and sag! Start adjustment with the rear shock, play with the rear sag! one knot at a time! set up the rear saga, drive along, see how handling, then go to the front
  3. voldemar

    YZ250FX running hot?

    if the temperature sensor fails, the fan does not turn off or turn on! but bask faster than usual, the engine can not! Look at the gytr tuner as the engine picks up temperature! If the air temperature is high, the fan will turn on faster
  4. voldemar

    YZ250FX running hot?

    I think it seems to you))
  5. voldemar

    2016 YZ250F runs for 30 seconds then stalls

    So so, I had the same problem on fx! checked everything, nothing, no code! the injector remained the last check! put a new one, bang and fx sang! it was a &%$#@!ing injector
  6. I think this is not normal! 15 strokes too much! on the netral speed you start?
  7. they made the protection of the electricians of the sensors
  8. voldemar

    Yz250fx engine swap

    on fx only fx ! if the engine is changed to f, it will no longer be fx))
  9. sold this fx in March, it currently has 200 hours on this piston!) no problems! hey guys)) who changes the piston at 20 hours lol bought fx 18 in Tokyo! Japanese version! photo post later, compare the difference with the American version
  10. voldemar

    Picked up my new 250fx and..

    for three months in the hard enduro, this guard fell apart! there is nothing better than a work connection ! yes it weighs more, but it works
  11. voldemar

    Should I swap xcw150 for a YZ250FX ?

    how many people have so many opinions , But fx the best bike I've ever had ! i have 15 , want 17
  12. I used yamalube to 70 hours, after I used mobil devlac MX Extra 10W-40 / I do not see the difference between these oils at all ! Well, in general, there is a difference)) this is the price of lol
  13. voldemar

    11 pound savings on 250 FX?

    Sorry, I was wrong here! in Russia, a measure of weight Kilogram)) 6.5 lb weighs stock !
  14. voldemar

    250 FX Radiator Fan problem

    it's possible, try to replace
  15. voldemar

    Yz250fx fan problem

    the temperature sensor may not work,