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  1. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Has anyone been in contact with Terry recently, he was on this site Sept 5th.
  2. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Still waiting on parts from February this year!
  3. oldspark1960

    crank sprocket XR 200

    I don't know, although I assumed another installation method would be to debur all surfaces, heat the new sprocket in an oven to 160C ( sorry I don't know F), Then it would just slide over the crank snout and also allow enough time before cooling for a rotation adjustment if necessary. Is this acceptable?
  4. oldspark1960

    XR200 head

    Hi, i think I remember a picture of an XR200 head section cut so you could see the port, jackets and valve throats. If someone has that can they please post it up, It would really help the guy that is going to massage my head. He does headwork on road race heads so he has the smarts, he said that a cut away will show him the limit.
  5. Be careful of low cost Ebay complete gasket kits, the one i purchased has very thin paper gaskets compared to OEM, What effect this centre case gasket may have I can only imagine with gear and crank clearances, the head and base gaskets could be an issue is not calculated. In hind sight I wish i spent the extra $$ on OEM.
  6. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Terry text me this morning, he has been away fire fighting for a while. Being from the other side of the world I googled Oregon and saw it has some rugged mountainous terrain, fire season.
  7. oldspark1960

    Cal-Fab Swingarm question XR200R

    Lets see some pics please.
  8. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Terry has been on this site in the last week! Presumably seen this topic and read his private messages.
  9. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Its very unsetaling that I can't make contact.
  10. oldspark1960

    1974 MX 250 UPDATE

    The most common way would be to re instal the clutch and then wedge a soft coin between the clutch and crankshaft gears. Then just crack open all three nut,s. Regarding the flywheel, yes you need a puller, there must be some cheap ones on Evilbay that can do the job, nothing special. DO NOT HIT IT WITH A HAMMER.
  11. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Thank you, That has the info that has latest contacts.
  12. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    No email replies, phone rings through to a full mailbox ?????
  13. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    He doesn't reply to emails, Anyone have a current phone number. Thanks.
  14. oldspark1960

    Team Rude

    Hi, Can someone please post the contact details for Terry, Team Rude. The business card please. Thanks, Mark
  15. Am i wrong or does the pick of the cam show that the lobe is worn down with burrs on the outside?