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  1. and let me tell you it sucks.... Is anyone else out there in this position?? I haven't been able to afford to ride for 2 full years, can you imagine such a atrocity? It's just madness to think I rode 6 days a week for 3 years and then just had to quit=( During this time though I have been able to afford becoming a gym rat, yes a gym rat. All though getting cut and bigger is a great static pleasure I sure do miss hitting my 9 foot freestyle ramp I built and have hit thousands of times. Now my old landing sits in a pile of weeds, just waitin for the right destined bobcat to come clean it off. I may be able though to afford a bike this summer. I was just thinking of getting a rm250 or yz250. I had a yz250f as my last bike but blowing it up once cost me like 10 top ends for a 2 stroker and I really don't plan on racing hardcore, just riding =) what u all think? spend the time and money and start again? or have more money and nicer truck?
  2. BeRmBlaStEr69

    What a Piece of work Bubba is!!!!

    What the hell is all this crap???All this bull about o look bubba landed on Rc blah blah blah bubba is a punk...o go cry in the corner people, this is hardcore motocross, I like to see bar to back action, show people what motocross really is...bar to bar action!!
  3. BeRmBlaStEr69

    Do thermogenics really work?

    They are made to supplement the diet....not take it's place. The body is built in the gym, but is cut up in the kitchen, think bout that.
  4. BeRmBlaStEr69

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    Just ride more it will come back to you.
  5. BeRmBlaStEr69

    Two Stroke Forum Vote

    Last time I looked it said Thumpertalk.com. Not pinger.com
  6. BeRmBlaStEr69

    250f shootout...

    Get the 06 yz 250f it will have a aluminium frame and resulting in weight loss and better turning.
  7. BeRmBlaStEr69

    Foot injury

    I suggest making that muscle stronger by excercising it in a gym...there is a machine designed to help people with foot pains such as your case and shin splits. Working out this muscle and making it stronger will make the pain much less if not go completley away. But yea go check out your local gym it will make it much better for yourself.
  8. Millville, man that track is fun but a challenge. I needa go hit red bud
  9. BeRmBlaStEr69

    Getting my bike back yay!

    Well im getting my 250f back tommorow from the shop. A valve let loose at bout 10000 rpm and went into the head. The piston and valves and head are all new now...do u think i should treat it as a new bike?
  10. BeRmBlaStEr69

    250F. Do you ride it pinned?

    Is there any other way?
  11. Dont take this the wrong way man but...If u are considering giving up riding after a few accidents..that didn't even involve breaking of bones I don't think riding is in your blood.
  12. Its not so bad...just hold in the clutch..If u ride a 250f u dont needa even do that ..
  13. I got 1 Pm me for details
  14. BeRmBlaStEr69

    RC not usin the yoshi on 450

    Cuz White Brothers is much betteer
  15. BeRmBlaStEr69

    YZ250F Reliability?

    I had a valve go straight thourgh the head...1100 bucks of damage.