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  1. Beautiful bike.... Can't wait for a post ride update.
  2. mbrick

    Joined the club

    Yikes. Is there any metal support or are you just counting on the plastic?
  3. I measured the oil bypass spring per feedback on KTMTalk but it is right on nominal — 25.0mm long. I definitely have to compress it a lot to get to the min spec of 23.5mm. Even measured inside of the tang ends (since it isn't flush ground) it's 24.44mm. I gave both the exhaust and intake cam lobes a light polish. It looks a lot better... probably acceptable? The cam cap shows that it contacted the cam but it feels ok by fingernail. The head side has zero wear, as expected with the cams pushing up and not down. Still wondering about the root cause. I need to buy 2, maybe 4, valve fingers so I don't want it to happen again in a few hours and toss $280.
  4. The only reason I could see running that specific Mobil 1 15w50 and nothing else from them is the very high 1200ppm phosphorus and 1300ppm zinc. https://mobiloil.com/~/media/amer/us/pvl/files/pdfs/mobil-1-oil-product-specs-guide.pdf I don't want this to steer into an oil debate though. If it seems reasonable Castrol was not sufficient and allowed the wear, that's fair and all I wanted to hear. I don't ride enough for cost to be an issue so I am going to buy KTM's recommended Motorex. Otherwise I might consider the Mobil1 15w50.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean clean the cam lobe with muriatic acid? Why would there be aluminum deposits on the lobes? Do I need to replace the exhaust finger followers as well? After thinking about it more it appears the oil is inadequate for the application. Pressure exceeds film strength, and there is material transfer due to metal on metal contact. What oils are acceptable? Lesson learned, I will order the proper oil. Only Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W-50? Is there a difference other than price between Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W-50 and KTM Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W-50 with the orange cap? (looking at Rocky Mountain)
  6. 14' 350 XC-F with ~85 hours. Noticed what looks like wear on the top of exhaust cam lobes during a valve check (they are right on nominal in spec). The bright lighting makes it look worse. Synthetic Castrol Power1 10w50 changed every 8-10 hours. I confirmed the oil squirters are all spraying full spray right onto the finger followers, see photo. Hit the lobe lightly with scotch brite but mostly remains. Nothing can be felt by finger / fingernail, it is smooth. Intakes show similar but less wear on the lobes. Finger follower DLC shows a tiny bit of wear on exh side under bright light. Intake looks ok, no wear. Anything to be worried about here, or button it up and ride? I'm not sure what to expect.
  7. mbrick

    Not Impressed At All

    That looks like you ran it over, used it as a bike stand, or are way over tightening your bikes. Just ditch it altogether, they aren't necessary.
  8. mbrick

    What would you do?

    Yikes, buy a new rim and have a shop mount it for you. OR get some appropriate spoons...
  9. mbrick

    Destroyed 3 gear shift Drums - Need Suggestions

    Wow, a lot of useless replies "you are using it wrong". OP asked if it could be strengthened. Can you measure the hardness to determine if it is heat treated? If it is not hardened, you could have someone build up the area indicated with a TIG welder.
  10. mbrick

    The Industry-saver bike? or IT-200 Take Two?

    A racer x article has screenshots of the photos from someone's iPhone? WTF that is janky.... a giant screenshot dump in the middle of the article. Two dimly lit photos of the finished project. And no videos? I like the idea and it's a good project but the fab skills were just bad. The paint was even worse.
  11. mbrick

    Transworld MotoX no more

    They bought the brand and then canceled all of the Transworld magazines? (Skate, snow, moto, etc). Wonder how this makes sense from a business perspective...
  12. mbrick

    Brand new twinair filter falling apart

    That's weird, and only the outer foam deteriorated. Could be counterfeit, I recommend buying from RMATV.
  13. Without knowing if it was just negotiations, how much work they did together (if any), and what kind of development agreement was in place if work was done, I think it is nearly impossible for any of us to say that with certainty. If Alta gave up IP without any financial compensation or incentive, they had very bad commercial negotiators though... Yes I understand they had to move production offshore to sell into other markets, but as I understood they also moved domestic sales production offshore.
  14. mbrick

    Header gets super hot

    What's the jetting? Maybe it should be richened. Is there an exhaust leak anywhere?
  15. They do not own the Alta tech, unless you know more than the rest of us. BRP bought up IP and assets. I do think HD killed it just like Buell though. Between that and their offshore manufacturing I don't ever see owning a Harley product. And I'm part of the generation they should be targeting.