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  1. RasmusDK

    HRC PGM-FI programmer,how to get started.

    Not many people fiddling around with these old suckers anymore I guess, but can anyone tell me what software I need? Is the newer software working with my old 2009? Thanks
  2. RasmusDK

    Killed it!

    Btw do you know if it's possible to get the same power out of the wr as the fx or yz without changing other then exhaust and/or mapping?
  3. RasmusDK

    Killed it!

    Cool story, I'm thinking of getting a wr250f. I don't like the small tank tho, how long can you go before refueling?
  4. RasmusDK

    Pics of Your 450....

    Just got new stickers on it today, not like the old was done but these have my company name and my number I shouldn't really put any money in to this old bike but I just like so much [emoji1]
  5. RasmusDK

    12 450r adding rekluse to full Hinson setup?

    The big package exp core have another hub and pressure plate and 6 springs. I would just throw it in and see what happens I think you'll be fine..
  6. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    I just checked that and it's only on the inside it have som marks, the pump is in spec and the case is too according to the manual, 0.2mm max. Thanks for the heads up [emoji106]
  7. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    It's not like that we can't get the spares, but it's just twice the money What an offer! cheers!!
  8. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    Thanks great help guys!!
  9. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    It's the oem price, the import taxes are high. If I buy something for 100 usd it ends in 200 usd before I have it in my hands. Not possible to send as gift or something like that either, the only way around it is a bill that says it was cheaper then it actually was.. I've tried this a lot of times before and that's why my question isn't 'where do I buy the cheapest crank for a crf450 from 2009?'
  10. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    Thanks for advice, I have to find one to rebuild that's the cheapest, I can do that for about 225 usd. How about the oil pump? Is it toast or do they just look like that.. Cheers
  11. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    I live in Europe, here it's, hang on! About 800 USD! Edit: Not true what I said its 600 usd here
  12. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    So it might be possible to put a 09 rod on an older crank and it should be good? If the pin is the same size tho..
  13. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    This is the oil filter [emoji2]
  14. RasmusDK

    2009 in boxes

    I just got myself a new to me 09 in boxes, crank seized up. Now I need a new to rebuild, but can't find one atm I can however find one from an 07, do that fit? When I look thru Honda part numbers it looks like the older oem cranks are superseded with 2010 one. I just clean all the parts I the oil pump don't look good to me but this is my first Honda I have another 09 that runs great, good bike these
  15. RasmusDK

    WR250f versus Ktm 350

    I have a Ktm 350 exc with no restrictions, is that much stronger then a wr250f? I would love to try one but there isn't any around here, a yz250f I can find but Is that to far off? Can the wr be made like the fx or yz with just the power tuner? I'm thinking about the new wr's here 2015 and 2016