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  1. GreenyWeenie

    VDR HS Series Round 3 - Sunday, Nov 17, 2013

    Jeff, That bike looks a lot like someone trying to hide the fact they are riding a pumpkin!
  2. GreenyWeenie

    Dunlop Tires MX51 Intermediate Terrain Tire

    I love these tires, just put on brand new front and rear.
  3. GreenyWeenie

    SEASON FINALE - VDR Hare Scrambles - April 29, 2012

    I should be there. Figured I'd start with the last race of the season.
  4. GreenyWeenie

    VDR Hare Scrambles - Round Two this weekend!

    Not really, just a get off at high speed. Landed on my head and left shoulder. As my head is hard, no damage, but I tore my rotator cuff on my left shoulder. Been healing well, so I should be able to get back on the bike in November.
  5. GreenyWeenie

    VDR Hare Scrambles - Round Two this weekend!

    Wish I could, still nursing a torn shoulder from a month ago.
  6. GreenyWeenie

    Colorado Rampart Conditions

    Does anyone know the conditions up at Rampart? Has the warm weather had an effect on the trails?
  7. GreenyWeenie

    New Thread - VDR Hare Scramble Nov 21, 2010

    I'm in! Missed eating dirt, sore legs, broken bones too much to stay away. Do wish I could use my transponder thou!!
  8. GreenyWeenie

    Advice from the locals?

    Spare bike....I'll take two please sir!
  9. GreenyWeenie

    Advice from the locals?

    If you need a house when you get out to Colorado, mine's for sale. 30 minutes to riding.
  10. GreenyWeenie

    Advice from the locals?

    I live in Castle Pines North, which is listed as Castle Rock. I can get riding in under 30 min, or an hour for a little better riding. I've been here 10 years and can honestly say that it's a great place with great schools. Not sure of what is considered high in the housing market, but 400k will get you a decent house.
  11. GreenyWeenie

    Advice from the locals?

    The big difference between the North and South - Bleeding heart liberals (North), Religious Right-wing wackos (South). So depending on your political preference, you may want keep that in mind when picking a place to live. I have two girls, 12 and 8 and we all ride.
  12. GreenyWeenie

    Best Skid plate for 08'... OPINIONS PLEASE!!!

    This one is great..have on both my 04 and 09. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&vehicleId=3604&webTypeId=90&navTitle=Dirt+Bike+Parts&webCatId=19&prodFamilyId=24440
  13. GreenyWeenie

    VDR 2011 Hare Scramble Schedule?

    Ready to Go!!
  14. GreenyWeenie

    Ohv fund hijack take ii! ***Meeting 7-16 at 10AM***

    This sucks, just started my membership. Now we have 2001!
  15. GreenyWeenie

    COHVCO Need Our Help!

    Just signed up!