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  1. HPM_Racing

    Need Help @ Track 49

    Where is the track located?
  2. HPM_Racing

    Really Hot Girl you Have To See!

    Ill ride her and then take the bike LMAO!
  3. HPM_Racing

    Really Hot Girl you Have To See!

    that is a good one to LMAO!!!
  4. Look at the bottom of the page. Dam!!! Check Her Out!
  5. HPM_Racing

    Stage 1 kit help?

    You need a #85 main and a #40 pilot
  6. HPM_Racing

    is www.planetKLX.com. still around?

    I don't know what happened to planetklx but Minis To The Max as some good tech stuff and they just started up a new fourm
  7. HPM_Racing

    Can you get this Bike this cheap!

    I have a brand new 2005 RMZ450 for $5600 + Tax in PA. No freight & No Prep. Just $5600 + Tax OTD!
  8. HPM_Racing

    Chain length

    114 links
  9. HPM_Racing

    DRZ-110 Handlebars and pegs.

    sireland67, I am not sure who posted the thread that you are referring to but depending on who is riding the KLX/DRZ 110 the foot peg bolts are way to short. By who I mean child or adult. I have a lot of experience with these bikes. If adults are riding them the stock bolts will pull out of the bottom of the cases. You have to put longer bolts in the bottom or you will ruin your cases resulting in expensive repairs. All of the manufactures that sell the aftermarket heavy duty mounts include longer bolts. I have seen this happen too many times and have had to replace a lot of cases.
  10. HPM_Racing

    Pm Refugee's

    TT is the place to be!
  11. HPM_Racing


    Hey Pam good to see you over here on TT
  12. HPM_Racing

    Legal Dispute!

    There is no legal dispute ove the RMZ-450! Suzuki is just making sure that there are no problems with the bike like they had with RMZ-250. You will not see the RMZ-450 Till next year. As of today they still have not gone into production yet.
  13. HPM_Racing

    TBR Mini Supermoto bikes - Front Wheels

    You can make your own. All you need is the rear rim and spokes from a KX60 and it will lace up to your stock KLX110 front hub. A good tire to use is the Pirelli SL26 scooter tire 120/70/12. I sell this set up if you are interested or you can go to any Kawasaki Dealer and get the parts.
  14. HPM_Racing