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  1. Here are a couple of my son who just turned five in oct. This is his first ride without training wheels. Boy was i proud of him.
  2. duke1110

    No riding in the house!!!

    Idiots I agree. But whats with the guy standing 4 feet behind the rear tire?
  3. Hi all. Went riding this weekend and my XR600 would pop and sputter anytime the secondary carb would open. It didn't matter if it was under load or not, but it would kinda clear up near the higher rpms. It starts and idles just great but anytime you get on it, it just starts spitting and popping. it is all stock with a 1.0mm over piston. any ideas? any insight will be greatly appreciated. This is a great forum and know someone will helpout. Mark
  4. duke1110

    Bull Gap

    Well we got a late start saturday (got tricked into pulling a dock out of Lake St. Helen) and just played in the St. helen scramble area. That basically sucked. Dust whoops more dust and more whoops. Then to top it off my bike started running like garbage. Popping and sputtering when ever the second carb would open. Sunday we went over to bull gap, the hill was whooped out like mad and i had to ride my wifes xr200 so i never got the top. Then we rode the trail to Mckinley the first half of that was a dusty whoopy ride but after about 1/2 way it flattened out and was just dusty. very very dusty. Stoppped at the McKinley Tavern wash off and cut the dust. Then we headed back loaded up and left. To sum up the weekend one word will do it. DUSTY!!!!!! Oh well we still had a blast and got to ride, I guess that is all that matters.
  5. duke1110

    Bull Gap

    Cool thanks for the input I will have to get over there. I am heading out now thanks agian. if you see a guy on a P.O.S. XR600 with two 3-Wheelers with him thats me.
  6. duke1110

    Bull Gap

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like I will have to convince my partners to go south of 75 in St. Helen. they get less traffic the the ones near the scramble area I'd imagine thanks agian
  7. duke1110

    Bull Gap

    Anyone been to Bull gap lately? I will be going there this weekend and I am wondering what the trail conditions are. I used to go there back in the day when you could ride for days and never see a DNR guy. It was crazy back then but I hear it has changed a lot. Will also be riding in St. Helen any info about conditions there? thanks Mark
  8. duke1110

    Yamaha Madness dirtbike video

    sweet vid. that is some wicked looking trail!
  9. duke1110

    Last weekend ride vid's

    cool vid. short sleeves and a air cooled honda gotta love it
  10. duke1110

    **Michigan Trail Pics** - Fredrick Loop

    Great pics guys. thanks for sharing them.
  11. duke1110

    XR600R pulls to the left

    thanks for the input guys great advice i will check it out and see if you found the prob. thanks agian Mark
  12. duke1110

    XR600R pulls to the left

    I was out goofing around the other day and went no handed on my 600 and I noticed it was pulling a little to the left. I have also noticed that went riding in whoops it tends to go left also. any ideas? I am thinking maybe the brake is dragging a bit??? thanks Mark
  13. duke1110

    Wiseco vs. OEM piston

    I would replace the piston since you will already have the bike apart. like you said you are not to poor to spend 80 bucks and get a little machine work. just think of the piece of mind it will give you. you will never find yourself wondering what if. just my two cents Mark
  14. duke1110

    1986 XR600 blowing blue smoke

    my 86 did the same thing. i thought it was the valve seals till i took it apart. there was about 19 thousands between the piston and cylinder. smoked a little at idle and a lot when on the gas. so i would say go ahead and do the top end. i got my piston through here. best price i could find and great service!!! if you do your own wrenching it is very easy and economical. even with the wasted piston it had more power than i knew what to do with now i cant wait till it is fully broken in
  15. duke1110

    tire help

    the k270 seems kinda "slippery" i guess is the way to describe it