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  1. ok guys iv been looking all over the place to find some details on hose lengths. i plan on changing the front and rear brake on my drz400e. im planning on buying some new stainless braided lines made by Hel. any good? but on his shop he only sells them for S/Sm and no E i took some measurement and got back to him with them and he sent me this back. Hi, I’ve had a look into your enquiry, the nearest to your bike is the DR-Z400S (2004-2005) front 1400mm rear 615mm The spec’s are showing as follows: Upper front 20 dgree bend with a 20 degree right bend on the banjo the caliper end has a straight 20 degree bend on the banjo, the nylon is 750mm long. Upper rear has a straight banjo, the caliper end has a 20 degree bend with a 20 degree right bend on the banjo. I measured 1300 for front from the inside of the banjos and its around the 1400 to the tips of them. rear was 560 to inside and 660 from tips of them. but im not sure on the correct degree. could any one help me out?
  2. ok guys i got it sorted just me being dence. you were right i dint turn the clutch spine the right way before locating the leaver. many thanks
  3. OK im on putting my bike back together and iv just linked the clutch cable back onto the engine and there the leaver is slack. it pulls in but will not pull itself back out. i need help?
  4. this is the bike as i bought it. bike has been ridden like this for the last 3 and a half years. around 12k miles and not one problem. oil has been change regulary and the only thing i have replaced is the battery
  5. hey guys iv owned my drz 400r for 4 years now. when i bought it it was already in supermoto trim and had the odd few upgrades to make the bike look better. the beginning of this winter i decided to strip it down to each component part and rebuild it from ground up. im half way through the project now but im gona post my progress up on this topic so you guys can follow the actions and see how i get on. it might also give some people some insite if they plan on doing the same thing. thanks for your time guys.
  6. it a nice finish up close? it looks very nice from the pcitures. check out my post showing pics of my bike and let me know what you think
  7. how did you cut them and how did you make the edges smooth?
  8. Hope you guys like it. the engine is now out of the bike. only got the wireing loom and the forks to take of now ready for the frame to be primed and powder coated. iv decided to go with blue and white think it will look brightest. hope you guys like the pics
  9. Any ideas where i can get some one to make white pannels and a white plastic 2.6g tank?
  10. Thanks guys. thanks for good replys. iv got some stuff in mind for the cosmetics. powder coat the framr new rear wavey disc new plastics and graphics and maybe a titanium yoshi system. as it stands now the bike is already a smart looking bit of kit but after 4 years i fancy a change and i thought instesd of buying something new id rebuild mine in new colours. so far deciding what colours to go with is the hardest part lol. im thinging white pannels blue frame and blue stickers or white frame and black plastics
  11. hey guys im new to this forum iv owned my drz 400e for 4 years now its in supermoto kit and has been since owning the bike. seen as tho winter is here and i do not ride during the winter months because iv got a car. iv got plans to rebuild my whole bike from ground up and change the colours and other general parts of the bike to make it look new and better. im here to see what suggestions people have and how i can make it better. ill post all of my progress up on this so you guys can follow ill post pictures of how the bike used to look so you can compare at the end thanks guys
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