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  1. My 16' 300 RRRE had this problem. Shock was replaced under warranty because it happened a couple of months after purchase.
  2. Others will chime in, I would say around .46 fronts and 5.8-6.0 rear
  3. All balls bearings are indeed crap. I replaced the oem wheel ones on my Vstrom and neither lasted past 5k miles. Oem ones had 40k on them and were good still. I went with koyos after that. 15k miles later still ok.
  4. This is the correct kit for the XR400 and the one I installed a couple of years ago. All you need to do is drill and extra hole on the bracket that comes with the kit. Magura - 0120496 That's a good price as well.
  5. I still have my XR400 and love that bike. I also ride a 300RR. I would be looking at the 300RR and the 390. If 4t, I would go 390 for sure.
  6. How much was the XR posted for?
  7. Steve (Plus One Performance) recently did the forks on my 16' 300RR RE and they are night and day. I had the same problem as you, mostly really stiff and harsh over rocks on riverbeds. Give him a shot. His prices are very reasonable and has a quick turnaround as well. Cheaper than getting a new bike...
  8. Try half a turn out on the PV.
  9. That bike already exists: It's the Beta 390RR or RS. The only long stroke engine in their lineup.
  10. I use this and add a hose at end as well. The nice thing about the tokyo one is that you can screw it on fully by hand.
  11. I could be mistaken, but I think you can still push a pin out of the cam chain.
  12. I carry an extra clutch lever only when I ride in Baja, unsupported for a full week. That only happens once a year.
  13. I have some protection on the bike such as skid plate and pipe guard. I can't see the need for a clutch slave guard though. I've never seen one broken by a fall, and I ride plenty of rocky stuff.
  14. I think the standard settings are published, but this is very hard to determine because your riding style and terrain plays a big part. The bike is also under-sprung for your weight(unless you did springs already).
  15. Thanks Sierra_rider. I actually took the petcock apart and the rubber looks fine, so I just gave the bends on the pressure washer a bit more angle and reassembled. It stopped leaking for now but I'll need to replace it soon.