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  1. bcislandrider

    Is the KDX coming back?

    youre right except the steel frame has old school geometry.The AF brings the bike up to date. Perhaps a late gen steel frame kx chassis would be a good choice.
  2. bcislandrider

    Boring a scratch out HELP!

    Cylinders can be bored out and replated. Or the damage can be welded then replated to run original size piston.
  3. bcislandrider

    Wrong fork oil.

  4. bcislandrider

    Wrong fork oil.

    So my local shop used 10w instead of the 5w fork oil that Honda recomends for my '03 cr250. The forks are stiff as hell now. Would the 10w have such a major affect over the 5w?
  5. bcislandrider

    Stiff forks after new seals.

    turns out his book had the wrong info. Theres 400ml oil per leg instead of the 195ml Honda calls for. Easy fix.
  6. bcislandrider

    91' CR 125 engine swap into 99' CR 125 frame

    Disconect kill switch?
  7. bcislandrider

    Stiff forks after new seals.

    good answer but not the case.
  8. bcislandrider

    CR250 sag question-enduro-

    Ive had severel gen 3 cr250s I like a little more sag than recomended for enduro use. But thats with stock suspension.
  9. bcislandrider

    Stiff forks after new seals.

    Recently had my '03 cr 250 forks rebuilt at a local shop. Forks felt great but both started to leak oil after a couple rides (pivot works seals). The shop went good for their work and installed new oem seals. After installing back on the bike, the forks are stiff as hell. They move with effort but they stay ridgid when just sitting on the bike. Clickers havent been moved. Whats going on?
  10. bcislandrider

    Rear shock removal tricks?

    3 bolts and loosening the airboot clamp. Seat, silencer and sub frame will come off as a complete unit. Im guessing he took the time to remove the side number plates as well. Now he knows.
  11. bcislandrider

    Help on proper sleeve for my 2001 Cr125 cylinder

    almost any cylinder can be repaired. Deep gouges even brocken exhaust bridges can be welded, bored and replated. Im guessing the shop you delt with wasnt equiped to weld and repair it properly.
  12. bcislandrider

    FMF Q Stealth cr250 Canada

    thanks. i will do that.
  13. bcislandrider

    FMF Q Stealth.

    anyone running a Q Stealth on their yz250? what was the affect on the jetting?
  14. bcislandrider

    FMF Q Stealth cr250 Canada

    thats what ive found with every effort ive made. still readilly available in the U.S. though.
  15. bcislandrider

    FMF Q Stealth cr250 Canada

    ive been looking for a Q Stealth for my '04 cr250. none of my local shops in BC can get it for the CR. anyone in Canada have a source for this?