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  1. Samsquamch

    General Mn chit-chat

    I was up there last weekend and it was about as good as it gets, especially for the west side. Some areas you can tell a bunch of bikes went through there but i would not say it is torn up at all, it is way better than before the enduro since all the overgrowth was cleared.
  2. Samsquamch

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    Anyone else notice a pretty distinct sound of air being "sucked" when cranking the the throttle as the motor winds up? Its like i can hear the air feeding into the carb. Curious where this is coming from, I never noticed it on my older 250 xc.
  3. Samsquamch

    Hydration Systems that rock?

    This one is the perfect size for me (can fit a good size tool kit, extra gloves, wallet, phone, etc...) and relatively cheap. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IA3YLSG/ref=twister_B00J089ZMM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Ive had to replace the mouthpiece but other than that it has been great.
  4. Samsquamch

    '18 250xc worth the extra $1k?

    I made the same call on my '17 250XC, couldnt justify the extra money on the '18. JD Kit at the recommended settings greatly improved the carb for me too and either that or the carb drain tube looping improved mileage. You should get a linkage guard, i dont ride in really nasty rocks but my skid plate has extended protection for the linkage the the plate has a lot of scrapes on the bottom already.
  5. Samsquamch

    Finally bought a KTM, now i have a couple questions

    This. I measured a few times while draining and now just put the same amount in every time. That little bastard stripped on my 07, the case is not very thick there...and on the newer ones the spring for the rear brake lever makes it a little more difficult to access the drain hole so i wouldn't bother with it.
  6. Samsquamch

    General Mn chit-chat

    First time for me at Theilman, will be going back, really fun stuff.
  7. Samsquamch

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    Yep JD jet kit works..... better everywhere, little smoke, very little spooge, jetted per the table and havent had to touch it.
  8. Samsquamch

    Are the newer bikes much better?

    I think the biggest jump was in '17. I held off buying a new bike until the '17s were on sale, coming from an 07 250XC. I only have a few rides on my 17 250xc but initial impression of the air forks are that they are really good and i like having the ability to change the "spring" rate without taking the forks apart. The counter balanced motor, electric start, and option for lighting are what sold me. I'm not fast/good enough to really tell a difference between the PDS and linkage rear. As far as easier to work on, no, everything is about in the same spot. Reliability...probably about the same, the only issue i ever had with my 07 is the stupid counter shaft seal leaking every year but nothing major, too early to tell on the 17 but i haven't heard of any significant problems (exluding the jetting issues but i dont really consider that significant).
  9. Samsquamch

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    they changed the needle jet for '18 to the S-4, 43-75 needle, 470 main, 35 pilot, 2nd clip position, 2 turns AS for the default settings and the extra jets and needle that come with it are different. So basically everything is different than the '17 stock settings at least for the 250XC. I got the JD kit today so hopefully that will do it for me.
  10. Samsquamch

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    Has anyone tried the KTM settings from the service bulletin with the new jet kit?
  11. Samsquamch

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    are the vforce reeds worth it? is the difference that dramatic? I havent inspected the stock reeds on my 17 250xc yet. I have only put one ride on it, just getting around to jetting and im glad i found this thread. Definitely rich on the low end stock @ 1500ft 75 deg F, quite a burble at 1/8th throttle and a decent amount of spooge after a few hours of riding. Im going to start with the 35 pilot and go from there.
  12. Samsquamch

    General Mn chit-chat

    Chaska has like 12-15 miles of un-official single track that is pretty good, not as good as the Morc maintained stuff, but still fun.
  13. Samsquamch

    General Mn chit-chat

    No idea! I got down to the lake and forgot to check, they felt hard as hell though.
  14. Samsquamch

    Ready for the ice?

    So happy i bought my tires mounted on a spare set of wheels already.....
  15. Samsquamch

    General Mn chit-chat

    Yep.....riding on the ice is fun. The sprocket side studs looked like they contacted my chain in some spots though, trying to figure out what the issue is, but the motoZ to me felt pretty good. Was pretty predictable in the spots that weren't cleared down to bare ice.