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  1. iRidePhotos

    Odd yz250f high rev babbling issue

    I wish we were just running 2t's right now honestly! Went back to a smoker for moto and I forgot what a pain these things can be. But it's fun stuff!
  2. Alright guys so I'm a bit stumped right now. We have my sister racing a mini sprint car (called an outlaw sprint) with an 09 yz250f motor in it. The motor runs great right up until it gets near the rev limiter where it sounds almost like it's flooding over and babbling like crazy. At that point it never really continues to climb in the revs and just ends up popping and babbling until you get out of the throttle. Some general info: -It just had the top end rebuilt. -14:1 piston, port work, runs on pure 110, fmf 4.1 with a megabomb. -Jetting is a bit rich when looking at a chart but it's close enough for now. -idles great and seems to rev just fine at a stand still with no load. - under a load it seems to run really strong right up until the point as described above. I don't believe this is a jetting issue as just a few runs ago the motor never had this issue. Also, she pretty much has her foot buried to the floor (on the main jet) from the minute she gets half way through the corner and it isn't until the end of the straight that the motor starts babbling. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. cdi issue? Stator issue? Thanks! pic of the car for fun.
  3. iRidePhotos

    More Supercross Track Layouts Up **Now with Pics**

    Anehiem 1 has like 3 different SINGLES. i dont really understand that, yes its going to slow the riders down but theres nothing about a single that will separate them
  4. iRidePhotos

    Whatcha guys think of my bike?

    Pretty nice bike, not really a metal mulisha graphics fan but your bikes clean for sure. Need to get us some rain out at carnegie! Weirdly miss that place a little bit
  5. iRidePhotos

    Moto 3 disappointing

    Well get your facts right before you decide to screw over a company that supports and helps keep our small sport we all love afloat. Moto x cinema is a small company out of the town I live in, Taylor is a extremely talented film maker and I would bet you he didn't get close to six figures. Which isnt a lot considering the work it takes to film and edit the video. I thought it was great. I've torrented things myself, but a moto video will never be one of them.
  6. iRidePhotos

    warped cylinder??

    idk i wont be surprised if it mics out to be totally fine. The pipe pulled off about half way, if it was a 4 stroke id say its toast with how hot they run and how much backfire they require. ill be curious to see. Sob was sure loud.
  7. iRidePhotos

    Moto 3 disappointing

    i hope your kidding...
  8. iRidePhotos

    warped cylinder??

    Hey guys quick question. This year at the Virginia city grandprix I smashed/bent my pipe off the head of my Rm250. This was the last 20 miles or so of the race so I had to ride her back. Finally got the money and time to fix her thanks to college but do u think there is a possability the cylinder warped? It was babied but ridden atleast 15 miles without any exhaust on the bike basically.
  9. iRidePhotos

    check this out!!!!!

    Ive been on vital mx too long...
  10. iRidePhotos

    What has this bike been through?!

    looks like a fire to me. look at how burnt the muffler is, and how there is no seat foam left with burnt marks on the seat base
  11. Hey guys been on here a while just starting to post again as im getting back into photography. Here are some shots from this week, let me know what you think http://www.flickr.com/photos/50201403@N04/6343309508/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/50201403@N04/6342558347/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/50201403@N04/6343310064/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/50201403@N04/6342567693/