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  1. newguy420

    1987 rm250

    thanks for being cool about it guys. I recently bought a tri moto 225dx so thats why im thinking about yammys.
  2. newguy420

    1987 rm250

    My back up rm250 (1987) is leaking fuel out of an exhaust whole in the big bulge part:foul: (i was eventually gonna jb weld it shut). It happens after 6 kicks or so it will start squirting out. Should I rebuild the carb??? help please
  3. newguy420

    Classified Scammers - The Dirt Bag List!

    for real someone needs to find out how to track those ******** down
  4. newguy420

    1987 rm250

    hah wow im a dumbass ill fix it
  5. newguy420

    1987 rm250

    there is a small hole in my exhaust pipe (the large bulge part) and the bike was running a little rough and eventually whenever i tried to start it it would fill up the exhaust with fuel with every kick until it started to come out of the hole. does anyone know whats up with this crap??