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  1. wildo

    cr brakes on my 426

    Hi all been a few yrs since I last posted here. I have a wr426 that ive own for about 10yr and I have never been completely satified w/ the front brakes. A local guy is parting out A 99 cr125. It has a braided front line and a braking front caliper made for a 270mm rotor. If I used an over sized rotor would this caliper and line fit my WR? Ive heared people useing the cr front line. The cr uses showa forks but the caliper seems to mount the same way.
  2. wildo

    wr 400f timing chain

    founhd my anser the fly wheel had a zip ty fly wheel weight bolted on top of the existing fly wheel.
  3. wildo

    wr 400f timing chain

    hey guys I am replacing a worn timing chain on my friends 99 wr400f. I have a timing chain from the last time i rebuild my 01 426 that i meshered and its still well within spec. Is this the same as the one on the older motor? Also the fly wheel on his bike looks much different than mine. it only has one dot on it at tdc. mine has some ignition marks shaped like an H, and a single line for tdc. when I put his motor at tdc bolt cams seem to be a tooth advanced. The exhaust is 2 teeth out because it is yz timed. he got this bike a year ago. I started making an excesive amount of noise from the top end. all valves are in. but the chain an guides are worn. chain was lose. Can any one with the wr of the same yr confirm what the timing marks look like? I am woundering if this bike has some sort of after market fly wheel. I have not had the fly wheel off yet so it may have a sheared key, it just seemss strange that the exauhst valves didnt get into the piston considering how far out the ex cam is.
  4. hey guys I bought a ktm 380 that is in need of rotors. I saw these on ebay and was wondering if any on has any expirence with them. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290320338642&viewitem=#vi-content
  5. wildo

    Long haul test at 95 hrs??

    My wr426 had over 400hrs on the original top end. I eventually had problems with the cam journals but that was only because I ran it low on oil. I replaced the head and rings. I have 50hrs or about 2000mi of street riding on this top end. I get about 25-30 hrs on my cr125. Of coarse I push that engine a lot harder.
  6. wildo

    new to me

    turns alot better than my 426. good enuff for the sand pits
  7. I had a cbr600rr that I sold last spring, I kept my Scotts damper. I want to mount it to my yz250f. I mostly ride in the jersey pine barrens. I have heard the dampening on the sport bike dampers are different than the off road dampers. Has any one here tried using the road dampers on a dirt bike? Can mine be rebuilt for cheaper than a new one. Any one want to swap with me?
  8. wildo

    new to me

    its an 04 he told me less than 30 hrs on the motor. I researched what tires the bike come with and they are the origonals. I went to the track sunday and it ran flawlessly.
  9. wildo

    new to me

    I just bought a yz250f that I will use off road and at the track. I have sumoded my wr426 that I've had since 02. I got the 250 for 2400 The bike has less than 30hrs on it. It still has the origional tires on it, they still have the nipples. The guy that sold it to me only road it twice.
  10. wildo

    01 426 cly. and piston

    I have a complete 426 lower end but the head is bad will the 400f head work?
  11. wildo

    01 426 cly. and piston

    will an 01 wr 426 cly. and piston fit the 99 400f motor?
  12. wildo

    NewJersey ktm 300exc jersy tags

    hi guys I want something street legal but I live in jersey. That limits my options as some of you know. I'm looking at an 01 ktm 300exc that doesn't have a registration but does have a title. Are these things still going threw at the DMV? I have seen allot of ktm's running around most of them are 4strokes though. wondering if it is still possible to make this bike legal.
  13. So how many stunters have we got in here and what are you riding? I stunt my 01 wr 426. I run street tires on the stock wheels. I have a 12 bar welded to the stock sub frame and a hand brake. I fiped a cbr 1krr master and ran a line strait to the caliper, eleminating the foot brake. I know its getto, what can I say Im broke. Its definatly not the greatest stunt bike but Its better than smashing my minty cbr. I dont ride dirt much any more due to the lack of places to ride. so I got more into steet riding wich led to stunting. unfortunatly im having engin problems so my stunter is down untill next season.
  14. wildo

    Post Pics Of Your SportBikes...

    cbr600rr 05 <a href="http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z167/waldo-7/?action=view&current=jacksanddc011.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z167/waldo-7/jacksanddc011.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z167/waldo-7/jacksanddc011.jpg
  15. any one know of a good machine shop in jersy. i need my cam jornals done