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  1. jayled

    Drz400 E to S conversion

    She's gone. I sold the DRZ last night. Thanks for the help. I'll keep your advice in mind for my WR450.
  2. jayled

    Drz400 E to S conversion

    Thanks for the info so far. I have one guy that is interested in the bike but our schedules have prevented a test ride. I told the guy I will DS the bike if he does not buy it.
  3. jayled

    Drz400 E to S conversion

    Hello Everyone. Been a while! So I've been holding on to my 2002 Drz 400 for a few years basically on the fence between selling it and turning it into a dual sport. Has anyone bought parts from an S and integrated them into the E? All I'm interested in is lights, blinkers, control cluster, brake switch fans, and mirrors. Most who come to see the bike expect it to have mirrors, lights, etc because the bike was registered and has a title. The easies way to make a DS is of couse Baja design. However $400 - $500 bucks is not an option at the moment. Of course if I could find a way to say... get the parts from an S for a fraction of the BD price then I would be more likely keep the old girl. Thanks! Jayled
  4. Back in August I was hit from behind by explorer while making a left hand turn. The explorer decdied to pass me while I was turning. Maybe they thought the left turn hand signal from me and the guy behind me meant pass. Anway I'm jonesing to ride again and need to find some parts. My local shop did the damage estimate and these top the list: 2005 WR450 Rear wheel Sub Frame Swing Arm I'll keep my eyes open on the classifieds but please shoot me a PM or email if you are parting out. Thanks, JL
  5. I just heard the same from a friend. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if the oil seal can be removed without removing the damper rod? The TT search says you need to remove it while the Yamaha manual says the seal can be removed with the slide hammer motion prior to the removal of the damper rod. I've totally disassembled my DRz400e forks with no special tools but this is my first look at upside down forks since my 91 KTM WP's... Never mind this twin chamber stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. So the manual says compression on the bottom and rebound on the top. An 05 YZ125 has the comp on the top and the rebound on the bottom. The YZ has "COMP" stamped into the top of the fork. The WR does not. I am coming from a DRZ 400e with comp on the bottom and rebound on the top but with conventional forks. I guess I am worried that the manual was poorly translated as is seen in many areas. Front forks Top =? Bottom = ? Thanks
  8. jayled

    06 Wr450f

    When you run out of things to change... change the frame to Aluminum and mess with the engine so much that you can offer improvements over the next 5 years then change the frame material again... ug...
  9. jayled

    Gray wire...quick question

    been there done that... It makes a weak attempt to answer my question then he says "or not" . MMMM k. I'll reread it. Bottom line is I will add a switch to see what it does at race speed. Thanks, J
  10. jayled

    Gray wire...quick question

    I tried my 05 wr 450 with and without the grey wire. I have the JD kit, quickshot, air box insert removed, modified throttle stop and the samll plug in the exhaust removed. My first impression is when the grey wire is cut the power comes on hard right off the bottom. With the wire in place the power seemed more under control off the bottom then opened up in the mid. I only rode in my acre lot. I'll get more feedback this weekend. Does anyone else feel this way about the wire? Note: I didn't drill out the air box or completely remove the exhaust insert and drill out the internal baffle because of noise. The number one reason people hate us is NOISE. Ask yourself how many squids you see with the loud pipes thinking they are fast. Sad thing is when you ask them why they think they need the loud pipe they tell you off.
  11. jayled

    Skid Plate Recommendations

    I'll find out tomorrow when I do my 2 mile oil change... I never trust what the dealer puts in it. The coolant is going bye bye too.
  12. jayled

    Skid Plate Recommendations

    I have never used an eline skid but I have had no luck with their other products. Carbon fiber can take a hit and look fine but in reality all the fibers have come loose and the case behind it is now leaking. I've had eline case guards and frame guards. THe framd guards wore through in just a few rides. The case guards may have worked from small impacts but forget brushing up against a rock. The skids look very thick so maybe this isn't an issue.
  13. jayled

    Glowing orange header

    Even my ceramic core Big gun on the drz showed orange in the winter.