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  1. Hi, Is it possible to improve the suspension by signifcatn amount without raising the seat height?
  2. Terminatr

    CRF-230 battery

    How long does the battery last sitting around? I don't ride in the summer (too hot). Will the battery be killed by lack of use? Is it stupid to just buy a new battery every season? Hate to have dead battery out in the middle of the forest, 10 miles from the truck.
  3. Terminatr

    80s DT-125

    Are these engine hard to find parts for? I found one in stock condition, with low mileage. But owner said it might need top end, since it's 30 years old. I want an interesting project. And like the idea of a cool little 2-T for blasting down the dirt roads.
  4. Terminatr

    150F Hill Climbing?

    Yeah, these are loose, rocky hill climbs. They look easy, but I saw many KTM fail and break their bikes. But my XR always chugged up no problem. But just barely. When I get near the top, I had to fan the clutch, like it's a smoker. So, I wonder if the less powerful 150F can pull my 150-lb to the top. The 150F is ligher than the XR. But Wikipedia say the later year 150F is 20-lb heavier than the earlier ones with electric start.
  5. Terminatr

    150F Hill Climbing?

    No. I want a pit bike .
  6. Terminatr

    150F Hill Climbing?

    Hi. I am looking for a pit bike to goof around on. And there's an ATV park with lots of steep hill climbs. My ol' XR 200 did great on those steep climbs, eventhough the bike is so slow. I use my legs as outriggers, but the XR can chugged slowly up the hills. Very ungraceful, but the XR always gets me to the top. My buddy on KTM 250s (35-horse power) couldn't even make it up, cause it would wheelie and flip, cause it was so steep. So, my question is : is the 150F as chuggable uphill as the XR 200?
  7. Terminatr

    yz125...can it be slowed

    That's great, man. I want to ride with kids in the morning, and rip it up at the track in the afternoon. And then finish the day with some endure single track.
  8. Terminatr

    2015 YZ125 "intro" by Racer X

    Is a 2015 worth a thousand dollars more than a left over 2013/2014 model? I.e. Is the 2015 new suspension worth mo' money?
  9. Terminatr

    yz125...can it be slowed

    Hi. I'm getting back into riding after resting from injury. My last bike was a XR200. Was going too fast for the suspension, and I crashed. Now, I'm pretty much healed. I'm ditching the bike before it kills me. I'm looking to upgrade to a 2015 YZ125 for trial riding. One thing concerns me though. I often ride with slow riders (kids and beginners). So I need to ride really slow and make sure nobody falls behind and gets hurt. My XR was great at riding slow. I could crawl all day long on it. But what about the YZ, can it be crawled really slow for all day trail riding? Or does it overheat easily? Or foulling plugs?
  10. Terminatr

    xr200 engine vs street bike

    No, vibrate is not coming from the tires. I can feel the vib when the bike is stationary. Every dirtbike I've ever owned (5), has this kind of vibration. I've checked all the motor mount, and they're tight. You wouldn't notice it on dirt because you too busy having fun. But when you ride on pavement, it gets kind'a boring and you will start noticing these little things. I've been reading this morning, and read that some Lifan has counterbalancer in the engine. That may explain why it's so smooth.
  11. Terminatr

    xr200 engine vs street bike

    Hi. What is the difference between a dirtbike engine (like XR 200) vs a street bike engine (like CB 125)? I notice XR have more vibration than a street bike. My XR has a tiny amount of vibration that is not noticeable on dirt, but is noticeable on pavement at any RPM. I rode a chinese Lifan 200cc sport bike, and the Lifan was very smooth running on the street. There is almost no vibration, until high RPM. What makes a street bike engine so smooth? Is there anything I can do to my XR to make it more smooth on pavement? I'm trying to turn my XR into a commuter, so I don't have to buy another bike.
  12. Terminatr

    9 kg spring too light?

    2002 XR 200 suspension mod: WP 13.5" 500-lb shock & '85 XR200 fork Hi. In my previous post, I asked about my Works Performance shock spring, because I thought the spring is too light for my weight. I set the race sag to 3.5" and the free sag is at zero. I turned the preload nut down to just 2 threads left, and I got the race sag to 2.75". I like this setup. But the lack of free sag means the spring is too soft. So I called WP. WP said they used a 500-lb spring (which is equivalent to 8.9-kg). WP said the current setup is fine if the shock is not bottoming out on the trail. WP said don't worry about the zero free sag. They said if I insists on going with a heavier spring, the shock damper would have to be revalved ($$$). I am not exactly sure whether the shock is bottoming out on the trail or not. Chuck here said the I should be using a 10-kg spring for my 150-pound naked weight. Should I get a 10-kg spring and revalve? I'm not aggressive rider, but I don't want a soft spring to hold back my skill development either.
  13. I was practice my 1st-gear balance-point wheelie. There's a secluded field behind my neighborhood. My 200 has the snorkel and the baffle. So it's like super quiet. Quieter than many lawn mower. Guess what, some jerk home owner called the cop on me!
  14. Terminatr

    smaller wheel XR 200

    Is it easy to build a wheel true? Do I need special tools?
  15. Terminatr

    smaller wheel XR 200

    Hi. Is there a easy swap for smaller wheels into a '01 XR 200? Currently, it's 21/17". The NX uses 19/16". But it looks like the NX uses disk brake...may require too extensive modification. And NX parts is probably expensive and hard to come by. Although disk brake would be sweet for stunting. I want to get the seat lower to the ground. I stopped riding trail and want to stunt. So lower to the ground is better. Also, I want to get my XR street legal so it can be a commuter also. I guess another option is to sell the 200 and buy a CRF 150F. But I don't really want to do that becuz the 150F weighs more than the 200.