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  1. CaptCapsize

    Shoulder Protection

    I had a bruise pattern like that from my Fox compression jacket, only a lot darker. The first time I wore my new jacket was on Slickrock, UT. That sandstone doesn't give at all. I landed on my left shoulder hard enough to crack the outer plastic pad cover. At first I was pissed that it cracked. Then I realized without it I probably would have had a broken collar bone. Yep, $150 for the jacket was way cheaper than an ER visit. I immediately ordered another one.
  2. CaptCapsize

    New helmet after crash

    Research DOT, SNELL, ECE and SHARP and you will fine some interesting things. I just spent some time looking a the SHARP testing ratings. I find it very interesting that most helmet manufacturers have wide differences the rating depending on the model. This seems to be true for even the high dollar helmet brands. My current helmet is just DOT but my next will be probably ECE rated and SHARP researched.. I don't seem to be able to find a SHARP rated helmet in the US but I can generally look up the model https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/ to find the rating. I tend to replace my helmet every year or two, because I tend to have frequent dirt naps. Once I thump my head enough to feel a hard hit it is time for another. I know it is a subjective criteria, but to each their own. A friend, when I started riding asked how much is my head worth (meaning price of my helmet)? I said $149. He said his was worth a $600 Shoei. I looked at the SHARP data and the two helmets had the same rating. So price doesn't always guarantee high safety rating. Do your own research, after all it is your head. Any helmet is better than none. A cheap Bell half helmet once saved my life, so now ATGATT.
  3. I considered oiling the wolf snout with mineral or vegetable oil, but after a few minutes breath condensation does a pretty good job of trapping dust. Wearing it takes a little getting used to, but breathing without coughing a lung up is a definite advantage.
  4. CaptCapsize

    Winterizing Delayed?

    Interesting, Thanks for the information. I don't winterize, like the Arizona guy said, just ride year round. Now the boat motor I do winterize. I use an oil fog spray. Just pull the coil wire and crank it while spraying into the inlet with the air cleaner removed. Then change the oil and drain the gas and float bowls. Does anyone use oil fog to winterize a bike ?
  5. I bought a used bike and the previous owner was a K&N fan. I took the air box and inlet off for cleaning. The air box was dusty as expected. The inlet bell was also coated with a very fine silt as was the carburetor inlet. I cleaned everything and switch to foam. I figure any higher end brand of foam work well. I used UNI because it was available locally. The next used bike I bought the previous owner was a fan of OEM foam. He gave me a bag with a half dozen OEM foam filter. When I took the air box and inlet off for cleaning the air box was filthy, with oil soaked dirt. The inlet was spotless, no dust or silt. That convinced me to stick with foam. I ride mostly dual sport off road, and being the slowest rider I get to eat a lot of everyone's dust. I change the filter very frequently. When on a very long ride I add filter skins and change them regularly. Because I am usually at the back I also use a foam breather mask call a "Wolfsnout" to keep the dust out of my lungs. Before I started using the Woldsnout I used to cough a lot after group rides. I figure if foam is good for the bike, it should be good for me.
  6. CaptCapsize

    New helmet after crash

    My first helmet saved my life. It was a Bell half helmet an the post I hit punched all the way through the fiberglass shell, but not all the way through the foam. That was very long ago. Now I have been riding 6 years and I am on my third helmet. Minor scratches from branches or the ground in a gentle dirt slide, no problem. Like Hondamad said, "shit that hurt then ... replace it." I read as much as possible about helmet testing, SHARP, Snell, DOT, ECE. The most expensive helmet is not always the best for protection.
  7. CaptCapsize

    Think I Fried my wiring harness. How bad is it?

    I had a DZ400E 2006 model I completely replaced the harness with a Tusk brand from RockyMountainATV/MC . I think it was about was about $100 for everything including lights. The harness alone is only about $30. For that price I would just replace the whole harness. It would probably be easier. Also I used a 55 watt headlight. The fuse is supposed to protect the wiring. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1156/25860/Tusk-Enduro-Lighting-Kit-Replacement-Wire-Harness You should also check you stator and regulator.
  8. CaptCapsize

    How often do you change your clutch and brake fluids?

    The used dual bikes I have bought; no one had changed the brake fluid on these bike since new. These bike were between 4 to 7 years old. I changed the brake fluid. The fluid was dark but not as bad as I expected. I ride in a high desert area, so moisture is generally not a problem. The change did improve the performance.
  9. Additionally for seeing in fog you should mount the light bar as low as possible. The reason is the light from the bar will mostly reflect directly back. The lower the light the less reflected glare back to the rider. This is why most cars and SUV fog lights are mounted very low on the front of the vehicle. The narrower angle the light pattern the better for fog, rain, and snow, to reduce the reflect, back scattered light.
  10. CaptCapsize

    Fitment of Riding Boots

    I went to cycle gear and tried on every model and brand they had. I found only one brand and model that fitted well. Different models of the same brand and size didn't fit well. My feet are very hard to fit because a Honda made my right foot about 2 sizes smaller after it was crushed when I was in street shoes. Buy the best protection you can afford.
  11. Another vote for HDB hand guards an mirrors. I had one mirror lose the glass. I sent an email to HDB requesting to buy a replacement. The very next day, I received a US Postal Service package with a replacement and an invoice for $0. Their hand guards are the strongest made. The mirrors will fold out of the way undamaged, when you crash and have forgotten to tuck them out of the way... I have tested this feature way too many times.
  12. CaptCapsize

    I have to modify my bike

    I would not modify my bikes if they came with adequate crash protection, and they were not built for the average 5'8", 160 lb rider. The alternative would be to have enough skill as not too crash. (Not happening?) I am above average in size and weight, and below average in skill. Protection first, then fix the ergonomics for my, and suspension for my weight. Motorcycle Engineers design for the statistically average rider. Also part of the fun is making it to you liking, while leaving enough money for an adequate supply of beer.
  13. CaptCapsize

    21 inches tube in 18 inches wheel

    My experience with. 21 inch tube in the 18 inch rear was not good. Had a flat at 11,000 ft elevation. Put the 21 in and aired it to 14 lbs due to a very rocky trail. I went about 3 miles before it popped. The intern seam of the tube split more than half way around. It is the first time the wife had to bring the truck and rescue me. The original tube had a pinch flat that was bigger than the patches I had. Since I ride very remote areas. I now always carry both an 18 and 21 inch tubes. The areas I ride do not have cell coverage so I carry an InReach. I know others have had success with the 21 in an 18, but it didn't work for me. I had to ride another 3 miles with a flat so the wife could get to me. My wife drove two hours to rescue me off the mountain and never once complained.
  14. CaptCapsize

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    Do what VortecCPI said mark the tire an floor. But sit on the bike and roll it until the mark is back on the floor contact. Measure and enter the value in mm. That would give the most accurate setting assuming you have the correct tire pressure.
  15. CaptCapsize

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    I have a 2012 WR450 and when slow riding in rough time terrain would get it hot. I added a Spal fan to the right side radiator. It made a huge difference. I have a switch on the bars to turn it on manually. I also have a Trail Tech Vapor and programmed the yellow and red warning LEDs to come on at 195 and 215 respectively. The LEDs remind me to turn the fan on. I have not boiled over since I installed the fan. It helps make a race bike into a dual sport. The whole fan kit was about $50. Some people add a higher pressure cap, but I worry it would be harder on the water pump seals.