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  1. Anyone having tried or currently using these on there 350? Looking for input and thoughts on there products.
  2. n2ktm

    Good offroad trails in washington

    Mad river/Foggy Dew
  3. n2ktm

    Current China Hat conditions?

    Pretty good on the north side just more snow and ice in the trees further south.
  4. n2ktm

    Buying House/Land for Moto in PNW

    I used to live in eastern Washington and there were people just north of spokane that had tracks on about 20 parcels and were used year after year. Their were several that I saw, seem to be more tolerant.
  5. The magic mod in the video does work pretty well with a slip on exhaust. Although my comparison is with the 350, I can't think but good results for the 500 as well. To me the mod made it rev out faster. The exhaust on the bike I rode was a 4.1 FMF lip on.
  6. n2ktm

    Sleds or bikes?

    The only thing I have seen remove money faster from your wallet than Las Vegas, is snowmobiling! Its fun but way expensive. Either go all in or stay out! Off trail riding is where its at and the machines to do that are the most expensive.
  7. n2ktm

    Thanksgiving week china hat

    I wouldn't call most of china hat snow free! I agree 4 corners is far smaller, but works when needed. Was out Findley Butte rd today and there was more snow on that end, but mostly in the shaded areas.
  8. n2ktm

    Thanksgiving week china hat

    There is still a little snow on the east side, Sand Springs area. If you don't mind a little snow, not bad. Its been really warm. Four corners is open.
  9. n2ktm


    Thats seams about a grand high! Thats why I bought a used 2013 350 EXC, For 2400 dollars less!
  10. n2ktm

    2009 ktm 400xcw jetting problem

    JD kits work great! I had my dealer put one in my 450 xcw new and never a pop on decel at all!
  11. n2ktm

    Where to ride near spokane?

    I would go to Coeur d alene and ride canfield. Search for nettleton gulch road, go to the end and there you are. Realy close to town and its sigle track.
  12. n2ktm

    JD jetting

    They work good on my ktm's, but these are the first ones I have used them on. There not cheap but do work.
  13. n2ktm

    trials tire

    I found that steep down hill braking was diminished to a fair degree! Other than that there great tires!
  14. n2ktm

    what exhaust is best for ktm?

    I have ran the FMF Gnarly on my 250 xcw with good results.
  15. n2ktm

    Leatt Chest Protector or Neckbrace

    I agree with the neckbrace first. But make sure and buy there chest protector when you can, it's the best combo!