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  1. J_YZ2fittyF

    MXON Schedule favors Euros

    K well, wtf else is there. If NFL really ever does die. GB probably go with it as a whole lol.
  2. J_YZ2fittyF

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    I agree, but it seems W mich has been getting it the worst thus far. However, as you said...they will say .5" of rain up til 1hr before its supposed to start, then its oops nope...not raining til 4pm now, .03". They're clueless. Right now intellicast says .33 thurs, .69 fri, .22 sat. So, for the late week chance to change enough gonna take some mother nature love hahaha I would think they'd be prepping for the worst and grading the track to drain wherever possible, sealing it up as much as they can with a smooth drum and trying to sheet the rain off the track itself. Wonder if they ever consider lime for drying in these situations?
  3. J_YZ2fittyF

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Price? Got 2 buddies who might be going, but be Sunday only.
  4. J_YZ2fittyF

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Anyone seen a track map up anywhere yet? I read something about they might change it up a while back. Been googling but haven't found one yet. Not sure if theyd post it or wait til closer to.
  5. J_YZ2fittyF

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Redbud is great for the normal races. I mean, you gotta go there assuming you're gonna see some hillbilly sheit. I think we need to make it home field advantage for sure, but maybe dial the billy back a little. Don't want to scare the of country'ers too much. lol... I did see that no outside alc is permitted into the track area. That may tone it down slightly if people can't roll around a cooler full all day on the cheap.
  6. J_YZ2fittyF

    Detroit back on the schedule

    I am sure we will be down there!
  7. J_YZ2fittyF

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Decided to go. My bro in law bought a ticket months ago. Other people we had that were gonna go began dropping out. Just bought a ticket yesterday so him and I going. Figured might be only chance to see some of these guys live. If/when it comes back to US again, will it be so accessible? I live near metro-detroit, bout 3.5hr drive. I hear ya on the jam packed though, I struggle to see over people if you know what I mean haha.
  8. J_YZ2fittyF

    07 YZ250 front brake

    Buddy of mine (with that bike) was saying that when he hits deep mud holes (harescramble racing lately), afterwards his front brake feels basically gone until he pumps the lever a bit to rebuild pressure. I honestly am not sure why that would be. Is it possible that the whole system is weak and somehow the piston is getting pushed in from mud getting in there and he is essentially re-pushing the piston out before it firms back up? Or is it a product of mud in the rotor/caliper making it feel like there is no front brake til he burns the mud back off. He said the pads are actually loosening up but it seems like itd be hard to know that riding. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. He said the lever actually feels softer during this whole sequence.
  9. J_YZ2fittyF

    Michigan roll call

    Lol. It is true tho, if you hit those in 4th/5th (im on a 250f) you can float them pretty good and its actually not bad. I mean when I had my suspension done I actually had it kept more MX friendly just for this reason. I can deal with a lil skip/hop over logs/rocks/roots to have the stability I have in high speed sand whoops. Nothing more comforting then hitting them that fast and really never feeling like my bike is checking out on me side to side haha.
  10. J_YZ2fittyF

    Michigan roll call

    Yea but the sand whoops are pretty fun in 4th/5th. They are gonna suck otherwise lol.
  11. J_YZ2fittyF

    Michigan roll call

    IMO you should head up to Leota sometime. It isn't far from you at all (Harrison area). Fun trail. It has some sand, but they all do. It does have a good deal of more topsoil type soil though as well. St. Helen is another trail a bit further around West Branch. That is quite sandy from what I understand. If you want to try MX, valley mx is close to you and a pretty good track.
  12. J_YZ2fittyF

    yz250f shifting problem

    Hows the clutch as far as condition and adjustment? If you dont know I would check that out starting with adjustment per the manual prescribed procedure and if that doesn't work take it apart an inspect the components. Far as shifting too hard, people hammer on their bikes and they dont bent shift forks. I am leaning towards it is a clutch problem, ie not fully disengaging and made worse when everything is hot and swelled up which is why he noticed it more 1/2hr in.
  13. J_YZ2fittyF

    Running rich?

    Yep actually threw a new oring on that for heck of it when i was doin bike work. Ap squirt was strong, missed slide, perhaps even too much duration. Would that be causing it?
  14. J_YZ2fittyF

    Running rich?

    Gonna laugh but my fuel screw oring must have fallen out during carb install bc it was stuck up in there. I checked that thing first and lo and behold the oring was gone. Put a new one in and it started in three kicks with the choke on. Although it is also about 10 to 12 degrees cooler today but it's still a little bit rich I think on the bottom but it's a little Chuggy down low
  15. J_YZ2fittyF

    Running rich?

    Probably gonna take a look at it tomorrow. I'll re-check the hot start and the boots for leaks. I should add that I re-packed my silencer while i was doing my top end with the FMF pillow type stuff that was actually really easy to install. I doubt this would be causing any sudden issue. One last question I suppose....and I know it doesnt affect starting because I am not cracking the throttle when I start it but maybe the hesitating issue in the lower throttle turn range, if my AP squirt is TOO long, would it be enough extra fuel to make the bog? I know when I checked it it felt like it was about 1 second (but didnt stopwatch it) and it certainly sprayed 6ft or so/ missed slide. I have a #50 leak jet at the moment.