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  1. J_YZ2fittyX

    kentucky Good trail systems or tracks?

    Buddy and I were lookin to sneak south March 1-3. We are going to WV mid march but wanted to ride before that and well, here in MI that just isnt happenin! Just looking for suggestion on a trail system or even a track. I really just want to get some seat time in on 250x i just got and make sure its good to go for WV trip and get comfy. So, the trails for 1st-3rd can be a lil more mellow and actually kind of prefer it if possible. The further north the better! Thanks in advance.
  2. So we are planning to go further south in WV around St. Pattys day and do Buffalo, but two of us (of the group) may even make an earlier trip down the weekend of March 2nd. We were hoping to maybe not go AS far though and quite frankly being that it will be our first ride this year and my first time riding a 250x i recently got I wouldnt mind if they werent the hardest trails you guys have around. Just want to get a chance to ride it and make sure its all good to go before we go to buffalo and ride tougher stuff. Get a little extra use out of the ORV too haha. Anything good further north-northwest? Or even Kentucky or Northern Tenn stuff you know of that kinda fits that (we are coming from MI). Thanks in advance.
  3. J_YZ2fittyX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    I believe you can have a stool and a pit person standing behind the line and soon as u take off they grab it and get out of the way of the next line. Been a while since I did a HS though, so maybe double check haha.
  4. J_YZ2fittyX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    This. I would recommend you do the sprint enduro too. It is very similar terrain to the HS, but you get to start single file and its less of a cluster bleep while you're trying to kind of get the hang of it all. I would suggest maybe trying to make the first couple sprint enduros, do those and get some seat time in and all that. Then go do a HS. Like he said, the pit stops are nice too, especially because you may be unsure what you like or dont like. In a HS once you start you have to go. In the sprint enduro say you do both tests 1 time and you're like man I really dont like "this", you can run back to your truck, grab a drink, do w/e u need to, then go back in line. You aren't supposed to take a LOOONG break, but you have time to go back for a few because of the line-up to start (one rider per 15 sec starts so the line can get a lil long). Anyhow, I wouldnt say I am the best to judge as my old bike used to ruin every race i did lol. But looking to change that with 250x ill be on this year. However, my buddy races a lot (high vet b) and he says rose city is pretty cool. He said valley is cool too, but probably be a little tougher. Battle creek in my experience is cool grounds, but the woods is generally tighter and a bit more technical than others. Portland I feel like doesn't have very much woods because there isnt a ton available to use it seems. They do use their track though and also grass fields. The grass fields are cool but do get pretty choppy by mid-race. I never rode the toledo place though I went with my buddy and it was a muddder. He said it woulda probably been cool but it was virgin topsoil and got tons of rain ahead of the race so that kinda jacked it up pretty bad. Bout all i got for now haha. I also heard this year for either one you don't need numbers on plates anymore. Just the ones they give you and I think a class sticker on your helmet for the harescrambles. Need transponder though.
  5. J_YZ2fittyX

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Just picked up this 16 x bout a month ago and just gone through chassis bearings thus far. Today just worked on buttoning up the front end. Bro in law gave me crm bars, but I had to get new shield kit for em and used a mount from a different handguard lol... To anyone not super familiar with the kit, its not noticeable and worked well. Also put on the unabikers rad guards today. Was pretty impressed with how easy they went together, the only beef was the lower hole for the shroud didnt line up very good on either side (and my rads and shrouds are very straight). Also cut my bars down 1/2" per side and threw on a new 50T rear sprocket. The setup was like new, I just want to run the stock 14/50, not the 13/48 that was put on it. Put on new front brake pads and the pipe guard too. Going to take my tires in this week to get done (I just rather not lol). Have new HD tubes for both with fatty front and a 505 rear. Yet to do besides the tires, Rekluse Radius X is ordered and should be in in a couple days. Then just skid plate, 14T front, finish the wheels up, putting a lil grab handle on for pullin if i get stuck, other piddly stuff. Future plans are Rekluse LHRB unless I can find a way to just make one which I am exploring. Maybe steg pegz, had em before and I did notice/like em. If the suspension setup in its current form isnt working, I might have to have it stiffened. If just springs and oil change I will probably do it myself. We'll see on that after first couple rides.
  6. J_YZ2fittyX

    Lime on the track

    K but lime products like quicklime reacts with moisture and when even a small percentage of clay is in the soil mix it can be cement-like (though not as strong) after it has cured. Quicklime is used on construction sites all the time to dry up wet soils and increase the soils strength. It will dry sand soils, lthough minimal strength gain would be seen if very little to no clay is present. So. It isnt just what happens under normal mudder conditions if this crap dried all over your bike.
  7. J_YZ2fittyX

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    Ya I looked into those. Actually my buddy was saying other day that people do this. I never had before but I know what you mean, when they twist. I always had pro-bends on my yz250f but just the standard wedge-anchor type hardware. Spun frequently.
  8. J_YZ2fittyX

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    Will check into that. My brother in law has newer crm cycras that dont work for him with flex bars. Said i can have em.
  9. J_YZ2fittyX

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    I always ran my yz250f more mx favored. It was fantastic in trail whoops and any chop. But, when i rode my buddies 300 xc with done woods setup, it was very noticeable the difference in reaction over roots etc. My yz used to skip around on that stuff. While manageable, was noticeable. However it was much worse in high speed whoops than my yz. Can't have it all.
  10. J_YZ2fittyX

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    Thanks. I will ask him about that squish. He said its been runnin great. It started and sounded good when i started it. He was type of guy to go to all ends to get it right. Will also check on that acerbis skid. My buddy with same bike hates the skid he has, so i dont want that one lol
  11. J_YZ2fittyX

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Mines on left, buddy has same bike he raced last year.
  12. J_YZ2fittyX

    WTB YZ250X parts

    Time Left: 1 day and 7 hours

    • WANTED
    • Used - Good

    In the market for a skid plate, OEM pipe guard, Rekluse, etc, etc. Let me know what ya got! Thanks


  13. J_YZ2fittyX

    Decided to go back to 2-smoke.

    Sold my YZ250F last fall. In the final few rides of the year I rode my buddies 2 strokes. Was a chance to see how I liked it. Liked it enough I picked up a '16 250X on Thursday! Pretty excited to go back to simplicity to be quite honest. It had a fresh top end that hadn't even really been "broken in" yet, vforce reeds, JD kit, brand new tires, suspension service just prior to being stored in a basement for a bit. The intent is to race sprint enduros and some harescrambles then mostly trail otherwise. Probably hit an mx practice day now and then. The previous owner was an older gent, but he had the trophies and plaques to prove his ability, to me at least. That said he set it up more MX suspension-wise because he rides mostly mx but loved the power delivery of the X. I plan to contact the shop he had it done by to get a run down on what all was done and their opinion on how it'll work for me moving forward. I have some plans for it myself which include: Radiator guards (probably unabiker) Skid plate (no idea which one yet, plan to scour this forum) OEM pipe guard as it had a gnarly on it since he owned it, I am taking that off to put the mint oem back on that he gave me with bike. Cycra CRM handguards (already have those courtesy of my brother in law) Rekluse Radius X Been going through it since I got it, tear down, clean/inspect/repack or replace chassis bearings. Going to go through the cables, etc, etc, and just make sure everything is good to go as we are planning a trip to WV in March, which, may be my first ride on it lol. Need to armor it up with the above. What else would you guys think or are using that is a must for that type of racing? My buddy has the same exact bike, he bought the oversized tank but still has to stop for gas. So if that's the case, why bother? Debating Tubliss too.
  14. J_YZ2fittyX

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Well, just got it (16 250X) and since its 16* and snowy today I decided to tear down the moving parts. Neck bearings were a known issue as this bike sat for a while (owner had a few bikes). Pulled the linkage and swingarm bolt to clean/grease. Bout it for now, but the list of add-on wants is growing!
  15. J_YZ2fittyX

    MXON Schedule favors Euros

    K well, wtf else is there. If NFL really ever does die. GB probably go with it as a whole lol.