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  1. What do yall recommend for a engine temp sensor? I hear the xr's only dipsticks leak.
  2. +1, really cool guy. Ships promptly and good prices. also www.trailtech.net has a good crimp kit with the connectors you need and the crimp tool.
  3. make sure you have a good air filter, no snorkel, jetted right, then get your suspension done and you got a bad lil bike
  4. Just what I needed to know thank you. Yes I meant timing screw
  5. Hey guys, right now my bike is running pretty good. 5000 elevation fcr mx from 2009 crf250r xr's only muffler 628cc 96 xr600 with stock cam uni air filter - no holes drilled in air box stock header w welds ground Carb: 42 pilot 158 main 35 leak 68 starter fuel screw out 2 turns hot start plunger choke plunger It runs real good... id say pilot and main jets are perfect. Tried two sizes above and below the pilot and none were better. Haven't done plug readings yet, but main seems pretty great. But it has an off idle bog if I hammer the throttle real fast... So I suspect the leak jet. I played with the ap spray a bit and it runs best with the screw almost all the way out.(less spray) My friend has the boyeson quick adjust leak or whatever it is, and he says his bike runs best with it at 0... effectively a closed leak jet. So I'm wondering if plugging the leak jet will solve my off idle bog issue... What does this do anyway? Does it get rid of the ap spray alltogether? Anything to lose plugging it? Worth a try?
  6. lol that buddy peg system is beyond me.
  7. Got it tuned pretty darn good. Thanks to DOT-COM and Horri. Pilot 40 Leak 35 Main 158 Starter 68 NCVT Needle third clip from the top Xr's only slip on exhaust Stock header welds ground Uni filter Screw 2 turns out Starts first kick every time... no procedure other than kicking from tdc.
  8. That does help Eric, yeah I ordered a 40 pilot and a 35 leak. Are you using a 35 leak? I'm definitely thinking 40 is the right jet. if not, then ill run to the store and get a 38
  9. Yeah! I even just rode it around for a bit... it's running pretty good, just not perfect
  10. You know what? I just went out to see what was going on, and it started and ran fine now. I know that the jetting isn't perfect though. The main jet might be perfect, I will have to do plug readings later on to figure that out though. The needle seems to be good! The pilot is wrong... I also ordered a 35 leak jet just cause. You're right about the fuel screw to an extent im sure. I noticed absolutely no difference in idle from 0.5 - 4.5 turns out. Then, while idling, I would whack the throttle and get a bit of a bog. Once I turned the fuel screw out about 5 turns though, the bog was almost nonexistant..... So I'm no expert, but the fuel screw lets more air in, which means that I'm still a little rich? Would going down to a size 40 pilot suffice? Or 38? I am currently running #42.
  11. Really confusing, I put in the 42 pilot, so I was running 42 pilot 158 main 60 leak 68 starter And it wouldnt run... until I turned the fuel screw ALL the way in, it would run for a little bit. Just like with the 62 pilot.... HMM. WHAT IS GOING ON
  12. Hm, yeah I've got hot start and choke holes plugged with the plungers. This thing is pretty weird though, I put in my 60 leak jet and it ran for a second until I gave it throttle then it wouldnt start at all. I'm thinking ill try the smaller pilot like you said. I have a 42 and a 45. The main seems ok at 158 but can't tell till i get the pilot right
  13. Thanks horri. I actually have a 60 leak. That's all they had here.
  14. Any downsides to soldering the leak jet closed? Smallest I could find at the local honda shop was a 60...
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