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    riding, tinkering with engines. smoking bud (dont hate, everyone does it)
  1. younggunz

    is this ok?

    not worth the risk.
  2. details? what happened? im always keen to hear if and how justice was served!
  3. so what happens when your battery dies? starter motor gets bashed? and your tired or stuck in the mud or god knows what? youll really be wishing you had that kick starter. now if its closed course motocross, I could see it being a benefit. but still, even then, its just much more conventional to have a kick start. in every way, id much rather prefer a bike with a kicker than a bike with e-start, with the exception of a bike that has both. and still then, it would depend on what extra weight was added. and if I really had a need for it.
  4. younggunz

    why cant cops just leave us alone?

    I ride in the bewdley area, and I live out in garden hill and the opp are always around. theres and opp in particular that lives just out the other end of a trail from my house whos tried a couple times before to get me. and its funny, because hes the same cop that was put on the case when my moms truck got stolen, and we told them who the guys were that stole it, know what happened? absolutely nothing. the lazy and corrupt bastard knew one of the thieves dad's and protected his ass through the whole case. would not submit any reports and would not take him in as a suspect. I think it might just be the area that I luve in, but the more I get older the more I see how &%$#@!y and corrupt my area is and the cops in it.
  5. younggunz

    Good job pirelli -_-

    beat me to it... that musta been one hell of a fluke that you got the 1 quality Pirelli tire. those things are trash.
  6. in sand or mud theyre pretty useless... like having a slick. all the knobs get choked and filled up with mud/sand and its like your riding on a slick. theyre really only good in the woods or on concrete, and god help you if its a rainy day.
  7. younggunz

    Liquid Courage

    smoke, all the time. roasting a few bowls always makes me want to go for a ride and see some of the outdoors. makes me calm and collected, and helps me find rythm and see the nicer lines through from further away then usual. i feel smoking makes me a bit more concentrated on my speed and rythm. now with drink, i get into a whole new world. i rarely ever ride after a beer or 2, and ive only ridden 'drunk' once or twice. after a beer or 2 i find all the best lines and have the courage (hence the name liquid courage) and confidence to ride at the higher spectrum of my ability, and i usually have a great time and rip the shit outta the trails, and i can cover alot more ground then if i were stone sober. but it can be a good or bad thing, because more courage and confidence= more stupidity and hooliganism. and like i said, ive only ridden a couple times smashed, and it was probably a really bad idea, but your not gonna argue with a drunk person right? all joking aside though, wouldnt do it again. much more responsible meow. by far id rather smoke than drink before riding, for obvious reasons, and personal reasons. (more of a smoker than a drinker)
  8. younggunz

    whats the bigest bike you've rode

    i owned an 81 xr500r when i was 14-15. i am now 17 and ive got a 93 kdx 200. id say i learned that displacement doesnt mean power. but damn that thing was fast! and just imagine a 14 year old rtrying to kick over that thing, what with the decompression and all. i had a sore leg many a time.
  9. younggunz

    If you didn't ride, What would you do?

    id have to take strong hits off my crackpipe at steady 3 minute intervals to be able to keep the adrenaline going the way a bike does. or i'd probably just end up dying of a broken heart somewhere in an argentinian slum. riding is life! dont know where i'd be without being introduced dirt bikes. my life would probably be pretty depressing...
  10. I agree with the gayness of the tire and not to mention the rear fender looks like its been looped once or twice
  11. younggunz

    one day ... farthest pull

    what the &%$#@!. my head hurts...
  12. younggunz

    Smoker and smoker

    ^what he said
  13. younggunz

    400ex to dirt bike?

    get a 125 or 250 smoker or if you don't mind a heavy bike for those times your on the track maybe an exc 200-300? haven't ridden one but heard lots of good about them. maybe a kdx or an xr if the track isn't too dear to you. personally wouldn't go with any of the newer 4 strokes (race bike that is,... xr's, drz's and klx's are pretty much bulletproof) too much $$$ to be spent on rebuilds. smokers are the way to go.
  14. younggunz

    how many trail riders here?

    Ontario... gotta love having the ganaraska forest just a few steps past the end of your driveway! great single track and open quad trails... and countless riding spots!
  15. i keep my worn out sets so i can stud them in the winter, instead of buying a brand new set of tires to then put studs in and permanently ensure ill never get to ride those babies on the dirt. just my 2 cents... and you spin em till they blow? what degree of blowage we talking here? how does your rim like it?