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  1. Recently bought an 04 crf150f for my wife to ride. The forks are way too soft for my liking. Ive read to stiffen them you can add fork oil, or change to a heavier fork oil. Then I see BBR sells stiffer springs for $100. Also seen where people have switched to cr85 upside down forks. I like the looks of the cr85 forks. Question is, what would be the best option? I don't care to switch the forks and triple clamps as long as its not extremely pricey, but worried I may still have soft forks and have to switch springs in them too.
  2. RedRider501

    Bringing back the 2 strokes?!

    Im not holding my breath for Honda to bring back the 2 stroke MX bikes, but I certainly would be one of the first to buy one if they did so. I liked watching pro mx back in the early 2000's when you had a good mix of 2 and 4 stroke bikes. RC beat a lot of 450's back in 02 on a 2 stroke, so it can be done. Ive had both 2 and 4 stroke bikes, and like them both for different reasons. Id like to see it go back to a good mix of both types of bikes in pro racing. I found this video on youtube, and I know boats and dirtbikes are completely different machines, but it makes you curious as to how a DI 2 stroke bike would perform. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXTpI7tSGuk#action=share
  3. RedRider501

    Show us your graphics!

  4. RedRider501

    Water pump issue

    My 05 does the same thing. Just started doing it, and only when I first started it so I just replaced the WP seal, not the oil seal or shaft/bearing. It didnt leak at all for another 4-5 hours of riding now its starting to do it again, just not as bad. I will be replacing the shaft/bearing and both seals this time.
  5. RedRider501

    stupid jetting question

    When trying to start my 05 cold, it only starts with the choke off. It doesnt matter if its 30* or 80* outside. If its warm it will start 1st or 2nd kick. When its cold outside it may take 5-6 kicks. That would make me think its running too rich, but when I turn the fuel screw on the carb 1/4-1/3 turn to lean it out, it pops alot on decelleration and the header pipe glows red after about 10 seconds of idling. Like its running too lean. Once its started I can pull the choke and it will run and warm up with the choke on, just wont start like that. Once its warm it starts first kick all day long. Valves are in spec, has new spark plug. I checked the pilot jet, its a 42 and I made sure it wasnt plugged up. What should I look for?
  6. RedRider501

    05 won't start... running out of ideas

    For what its worth I turned the fuel screw in 1/4 turn and it started on the 3rd kick cold with the choke on. It seems to run too lean near idle and has some hesitation just off idle. If I turn the screw out 1/4 turn it is a pain to start, but the hesitation is gone and doesnt seem to run too lean.
  7. RedRider501

    05 won't start... running out of ideas

    I tried my luck with it again this morning. Kicked it 20-30 times with choke on, and near the end it acted like it wanted to start but would only hit a couple times. Turned the choke off and within 5-6 kicks it started. Once it was warmed up it started on the first kick everytime. Seems like its getting too much fuel? the pilot jet thats in it is a 42. I live about 800 feet above sea level and its been in the 60's and 70's here lately. I may try to adjust the fuel screw and see if that helps.
  8. RedRider501

    05 won't start... running out of ideas

    Ive tried with and without twisting the throttle a couple times. I never had to twist the throttle before it started acting up. When I pulled the plug it was a little wet. I think its getting gas. I just tried to take the float bowl off to check the jets but a couple of the screws were in there so tight the heads stripped out. I did pull the drain plug and pilot jet. it looked ok but I ran a piece of small wire through it anyway. Wish I could have got to the starter jet to check it. What I dont understand is after I came back from riding it last weekend I washed it. Started it up and rode it in the garage and put it on the stand. Went out the next day and it took a bunch of kicks to start it. Now its even worse.
  9. Ive owned the bike for a couple weeks now and it has always started easy. Rode it at the hatfield and mccoy trails last weekend and ever since then its been tough to start. The only way I can start it now is to bump start it. Intake valves are .005" and .006". Exhaust is .010" and .011". Has new spark plug that is getting spark. Has new and clean air filter. Compression is 75 psi kicking it over. Cam timing is right on the money and cam chain is tight. I drained all the gas out of it and filled it with fresh gas. When I bump start it, it idles and runs perfect. Anything I forgot to check?
  10. RedRider501

    Nickell's 1997 CR125R Rebuild Thread!

    Lookin good. Reminds me of my 95 CR125 I had. I did a similar rebuild like you. Stripped down to frame and painted, new plastics etc. In my opinion painting the frame a dark color makes a big improvment in looks.
  11. I have an 03 CRF450 Im turning into a CR500AF and I got the silencer mounted on the subframe and I tried putting the side panels on it to see how it fits the silencer. Where the right side panel sticks out to make room for the 4 stroke muffler there is a big gap between my silencer and the side panel. It looks stupid. I was wondering if side panels from an 02-07 CR250 would fit?
  12. RedRider501

    Good Deal? Shoud I buy?

    Sounds like a steal to me. I would expect a 2012 with low hours to run at least $5500.
  13. RedRider501

    started CR500AF swap

    I never really noticed how leaned forward it was, except for when I went to route the radiator hose from the left rad across to the right and there was no way there was enough room for a hose between the cylinder and the frame. Thats just how the motor fit in there. I really should have moved the frame Y up another 1/2" or so. The ears on the exhaust flange where the exhaust springs go are close to the frame. On the upside theres alot of room under the gas tank. I used the short BR8ECM plug and had no issues with clearance other than the fuel spout that comes out of the bottom of the tank, it angles forward and it hit the spark plug cap so I turned it around to point backwards and everything clears good now.
  14. RedRider501

    started CR500AF swap

    I ordered a whole air box/boot from a 2000 cr250 on ebay. I also ordered a carb from a 94 cr500 because the carb that came with my 500 is a mikuni TM38 and the throttle cable is kinda too long for it, it doesnt want to go fully wide open even with the cable adjusted all the way out. Plus I dont want some oddball carb that I dont even know what its from. It looked to me like it had a real tiny pilot jet in it, main was a 370. I wouldnt know where to start with jetting the oddball carb.
  15. RedRider501

    started CR500AF swap

    Got to work on the bike some more on my time off. My new work schedule of 6 on 3 off has given me some days off in the middle of the week. Im not used to that. Anyways I have the engine in the bike for good. Radiators are done. I only had to modify the bottom spout of the left rad. On the right rad I used a short hose with a 90* bend in it from the old CRF motor, and a Y from the CRF. fits nice and doesnt touch the pipe. Filled with engine ice, no leaks yet. My chain alignment looks perfect going by the swingarm chain guide. I used the 03 CR125 bushing on the right side, moved stock right bushing to the left. I didnt get a good pic of it but the stock expan'sion chamber mount lines up perfect with the stock hole in the frame that was used for the engine guard on the CRF. Only had to find a 1/2" spacer and longer bolt to space it out far enough to be straight. I mounted my CDI and pulled the plug and held it against the frame, has good spark. Tried to kick it over and it feels smooth, but man it makes my 450 seem easy to kick after kicking the 500. I wanted to start it but I have no air filter/air box made yet so I didnt. Heres some pics Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us