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  1. In addition to what these guys are saying, I had a small air leak at the reed cage gasket that caused very similar problems. Be sure and put on a fresh gasket when you bolt the cage back on and properly torque the bolts.
  2. Pretty sure only the 00/01 will bolt on due to the linkage. I bought mine with a seized bolt and two different machine shops were unable to get it out so I drilled it. Been like that for several years now and haven't had any trouble with it, just sucks that it's not factory perfect.
  3. 32:1 is not too rich if it's jetted properly. If the bike looks neglected then I doubt the owner took the time to dial in the Mikuni, hence the spooge problem.
  4. Great deal. I paid $1,500 for mine after looking for almost a year.
  5. All pics of CR's are pretty, there are just varying degrees of "pretty".
  6. No doubt, but that's probably about all I'll have the money to do! haha
  7. Thanks for the input y'all! Think I'll stick with the bare frame but do a bling polish on it. Shrank the Honda logo a bit on the shroud so this is prob how she will be. I'll make a progress thread when I start working on it.
  8. I'm tossing around ideas for an 80's inspired '01. What are your thoughts on this comp I worked out? It kinda hurts me to think about PC'ing all that nice aluminum. Bare frame version.
  9. Thanks for the info, mine is starting to graze the frame too.
  10. What a find. Nice to be reminded they're still out there to be had!
  11. Congrats on scoring the bike. I came back to this sport from a long run at MTB and also bought an '01 CR250 for my "XC bike". It's a potent rig. Mine is currently torn apart and I'm doing almost the same thing to it that you are. Sounds like you have the right step by step plan for diagnosing the rich condition which is freshen up the motor then start tinkering with the jetting. Have you bought a service manual?
  12. For the full price manual there is always Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Honda-Factory-Service-2004-2007-61KSR03/dp/B002EA0BX0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328824241&sr=8-1 I stalked ebay for a few weeks and found a manual for my '01 CR250 still in the original plastic for $12.50. Not sure if can get OEM graphics by themselves, seems like you have to buy the OEM shrouds and they come with the graphics on 'em. Don't quote me on that though.
  13. No doubt. Sucks that there aren't a lot of off-the-shelf choices for older bikes.
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