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  1. Yes, tip #1 buy a pack of drinking straws cut them down the middle slides right onto the spokes..."less time consuming" I just let the air out of the tires slid in some card stock between the rim and tire. Cleaned the rim with rubbing alcohol and sprayed away two cans one per rim.
  2. Hey, guys been away for some time now. Thought I would stop in and say hi. I plasti dipped my rims to see how long it holds...So far so good 2 months and counting, 3 trips on Jones Creek trails, and countless miles on the street.
  3. I love my MRD/SSW sound is amazing....is just pure fun. I am very happy with the power and performance. Topped off with a set of stage 1 hot cams and big bore set....life is good.
  4. Oh were are you on the seat? Sit back maybe some don't lean forward when it starts to come up...Stay straight hardest thing to do is that!
  5. Ummmm they have little blue pills for those that can't get it up Sorry had too.....What gears are you running....My bike has 14/47 gears I don't have to clutch up in 2nd to get the wheel up just give it some gas chop it and give it a quick flick of half throttle and up she comes. Will do it in 3rd as well....4th gear I need some clutch. Even with stock gears 15/45 I could get the wheel up without the clutch in 2nd.
  6. The R-6 mod is all BS..........Someone had pics of before and after no shorter than stock.
  7. DRZ-Nut

    Nice shoes

    I went down once with full Textile Fieldsheer gear @ 60mph on my Ninja no road rash and it held up just fine...Yes, it hurt but I was up and nothing broken sprained wrist and ankle. I still use the pants off road and sometimes the jacket....lol
  8. Jim, I can hardly hold back the tears just reading your words....Some of you know last year my Mom was fighting cancer and at the same time I was going through a divorce. I was going nuts too! My job and two kids 12 and 15 to take care of... Trying to help my Dad with everyday care was over whelming.... I wish it would just end! I prayed that things would get better, I too started to question my faith. November 11th my Mom lost the fight....That was the worst day of my life! My parents have been married 63 years. Before she closed her eyes she told me she knew I would be okay. She said I would find new love in my life...Guess what?... I did me and the wife of 20 years are now back together... Stronger than ever! I look at my life now as a blessing. Wife and kids comes first and for most and the rest will follow. Keep your head held high Jim. Thank you for everything you do and have done. God bless you!
  9. 1.) Have you checked the cam chain adjustment? First place I would look 2.) Start over with checking jets and replace what is missing. You may have to re-jet or set your clip on the needle up or down.
  10. Jim, I can only imagine the pain you and yours are going through. Prayers are on your way!
  11. How about Yellow/blue
  12. I have the 4.50 rear and 3.00 front so far I love them. The 4.50 looks good and handles great on and off.
  13. Mine went in fine..not a pain at all. Took all of an hour and a half to take down, re-shim and put back on the road. That was taking it slow.
  14. Anyone see this new plate? Any good?
  15. I paid $104 shipped for the K-270's I went with the 4.50x18 and the 3.25 x21. The K-270 is a six ply tire....the 244 is not. I liked the Shinkos the rear I got 7,000 out of it could have went more but not off road....lol. So far I have 400 miles on the Kenda and each ride is getting better.
  16. I liked the Shinko 244's but I am running the Kenda 270's front/rear so far I love them.
  17. Waste of money IMO...get the MRD/SSW you won't be disappointed... I love mine and the gain was well worth the wait and the price!
  18. OH...crap...just looked again and my total mileage is at 0 too... I was a 22,050 but reads 0 now WTF?
  19. This is on my Real S like I said the MPH works just fine but the mileage/trip meter is not counting stays at 0.
  20. I like my G-Max 11-D Dual Sport good air flow and the visor is removable. But I don't find the visor to catch air on the freeway.
  21. I did the mod because, a rock took out the stock one.
  22. What's the deal with blue and yellow Z's They look SEXY!
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