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  1. huskyfatman

    Ktm 300 xcw 6 days vs husaberg te 300

    Berg has slightly bigger tank.
  2. huskyfatman

    Husqvarna TE410 2000

    http://billshusky.com/ George at Uptite is the Guru for the Italian Huskys here in the states, but now sells Betas. I believe he still makes and sell Husky parts (excellent exhausts, skid plates and such) but is real old school with no current website. George Erl Up-Tite 111 West Dyer Road #B Santa Ana, CA 92707 714-540-2920
  3. huskyfatman

    Husqvarna TE410 2000

    Uptite and Bills make tougher billet covers that hold slightly more oil. Here's the bills.
  4. Lifted from Husaberg.org
  5. huskyfatman

    Stolen 1985 Toyota 4x4 Las Vegas area

    Thanks guys, we got it back last week. Looks like some kids took it desert bombing and thrashed it a bit, but she's happy to have it back.
  6. huskyfatman

    Stolen 1985 Toyota 4x4 Las Vegas area

    Stolen from Boulder City 1/21/2014, if seen please contact police, Thank you!
  7. huskyfatman

    TE610 Plastics and decals

    + Motoxotica for OEM http://www.motoxotica.com/ Cemoto for front fender, headlight plastic, fork guards http://motoplasticsus.com/
  8. huskyfatman

    My custom wrx hitch carrier

    I had a Forester XT that I wanted to hang a bike off the back of, so I got a Curt class II rated for 3500lbs./350 tongue weight, then had my buddy beef it up even more with a 2" reciever to take my Moto Jack Rack. If you beef it up enough it should be safe, of course you never know what law enforcement would interject in the event of an accident? http://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f137/class-iii-foz-almost-45941/ I originally did this to travel in California where Max trailer speed limit is 55. There carrier handled and worked great, but I ended up just towing the trailer because my GF started riding with me shortly after and we have to haul two bikes. I miss that car!
  9. huskyfatman

    Plastic for my TE410

    Holy old threads! http://www.dcvmx.com...&cat=316&page=1
  10. huskyfatman

    Baja Designs light kit not working

    BD was building DS kits before anyone I know of. They aren't the cheapest, but sell quality parts and in my expierence give great support. They don't however, have any controll over the competency of the customer who does the install. The truth might hurt, but most times I bet the retard is the hack who installed the kit. I've had their kits on several bikes since the early 90's that I rode the crap out of and the only problems were a few smoked batteries. I can't say the same for MSM's old kit, or Electrix.
  11. huskyfatman

    ATKmotorsports.com ?

    Thanks for the link to the speedo drive Pantera. I bought one on ebay years ago that was supposed to be right, but I had to make a shim and it's still real sloppy. I've also heard of the Harley drive, and saw your info over at ATKRIDER. I might just break down and slap on the Trail Tech I've had lying around for my Husky. Hell I've had a Scotts stabilizer mount sitting on my work bench for the 605 for years. Those CCM's were real cool. I remember seeing them at Malcolm's back then. I think they were a bit lighter than the ATK's, and got better reviews in the rags. Of course the ATK's never got much respect when the mags thought the XR600 was best thing going (sic). BTW, whats up with the kickstand?
  12. huskyfatman

    ATKmotorsports.com ?

    Thanks RB, hows the 570?
  13. huskyfatman

    ATKmotorsports.com ?

    +1 The domain seems to expire from time to time, and I allways worry it's gone for good. Hopefully they'll get it back up. Even though ATK folks are few and far between we're dedicated and I'll bet if Rusty set the site up for donations we could help keep it going. Just got back from a ride this morning, put on new turn signals, tail light, plate light, plate mount, and muffler end cap. I love that bike.
  14. huskyfatman

    TE610 Rod compatability

    I believe in the UK Taliesin Racing is the place for single cam (and newer) Huskies. http://www.taliesinracing.co.uk/