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  1. Just bought myself an '06 EC 300... Looked pretty nice but on closer inspection all the spokes were seized and loose.. price on new spokes (Parts are expensive in Australia) $150 for 1 set.. so to replace the front and rear spokes, including labor it was going to be $500. I have ordered a set of rims from here for a good price. http://www.ktm-parts.com/GG-174.html I'm going through the whole bike giving it a full rebuild on frame related parts. The previous owner used it rarely and was one of the types to take the bike out, then put it away muddy, and generally not look after it.
  2. I get head shake above 100km/h on loose gravel, deal with it and wrap it on . Standing up with a bit of weight back will help stabilize the bike It's worse with sand
  3. Victoria police 'Zs and mine
  4. I have the giant loop coyote and 28L safari tank. Prior to leaving for 8 days. Yes I do have a bash plate... just not on at time of photo
  5. You realise that having a loud pipe just makes people hate motorcyclists even more and is the reason we are loosing places to ride? Not considerate of people that do ride and people that dont. Stop being so selfish.
  6. Hmm maybe my bike is broken. I only got it dynoed for before/after 434 kit. It could also be that my vapour isn't showing correct rpm.
  7. All dynos are different... some read a lot higher then others which is why dyno figures don't mean much. 100km/h is 7000rpm with the gearing I had on there. I forgot to tell them I wanted rpm not road speed.
  8. Thanks for the help guys Having worked in a bike shop for 18 months I came across my fair share of stuck fasteners, but nothing this bad!
  9. Here's a chart of mine (2007). Standard 400E Aus jetting, yoshimura rs3, snorkle removed and twin air filter. Air/fuel is pretty much spot on. I found the rs3 was a touch loud, so I quietened it up a bit with some stainless mesh around the existing spart arrestor. I got noise tested at an event and it was spot on 94db
  10. Run a weld around the inside of the race and they will just drop out. Just remember not to weld it to the frame
  11. wild0

    HELP on Mirrors

    The standard mirrors lasted me 13000km of some pretty tough riding with lots of crashes. I ended up snapping the mount off the master cylinder and bending the stalk. Went to the bike shop and spent $20 on a pair of honda XR mirrors. Cheap, great field of vision and easy to get parts
  12. I have tried the centre punch and a chisel to no avail. I'm worried about cracking the casing. The most annoying part is I didn't even do it up last :'( I guess it doesn't matter if I bugger it as I can't see any other way of getting it out (I don't have a mill at my disposal anymore ). Thanks. EDIT: Brute force approach still isn't working. Going to drill as large as I can, then run a weld around the inside in the hope of contracting the plug so I can unscrew it.
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