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  1. Railroader

    Corbin seat

    Not a bit.....Check out my garage..
  2. Railroader

    Corbin seat with Clarke 3.9 tank?

    It'll work....no issues. Corbin had a little trouble with the some of the first seats they released, but they have the bugs all worked out now. You will like it...
  3. Been gone from TT for a while....taking a break... It sure looks like there are a lot of new faces and bikes, and that's good to see.... Just stoppin' in for a minute to say HOWDY to all you guys....I'm still around, but have not been posting much...or riding for that matter
  4. Railroader

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Remote Control Locomotive Oprator and yard foreman for CSX Transportation...I build trains. It's like playing with the biggest damn train set on earth. Also policed for ten years.
  5. Railroader

    Max Range w/ Clarke 3.9 Tank ?

    I've gotten well over 110 (odometer) with 17's and raw dogging on the street...I have not run my 3.9 dry yet either. I've been meaning to tote a gallon with me and test the limit, but have not gotten around to it yet...
  6. Railroader

    Joined the dark side.

    Just have ECW mount the tires of your choice.....you will probably come out cheaper, and they will be ready to go when they arrive....
  7. Railroader

    Anyone near Pittsburgh, PA with a Corbin seat?

    Just go on and get one.....You'll like it!
  8. Railroader

    Big bore kit XT225?

    Wiseco used to make a Hi-comp piston......Don't know if it's still available.
  9. Railroader

    MSF Basic Rider Course

    MSF is a great outfit...very worthwhile to take their courses...
  10. Railroader

    The best year DRZ - request input

    '03 KLX400SR....don't believe it??? Look at "My Garage" and report back......
  11. Railroader

    Hot chick in the park....

    Now is when I need the PUKING smilie....because someone, somewhere, moves that whoppin' gut and hits the poonie....
  12. Railroader

    Corbin Seat $250

    Corbin seat for the DRZ is 249.00....made from any material they offer. You may as well buy direct, because unless they have changed, they make each one to order, and there are NONE in stock. The seat is worth every penny....
  13. Railroader

    Can sum1 in JPN order supermoto Speedo?

    Is it too late to get in???? If not PM me the info....
  14. Railroader

    Supermoto wheels - - what to go with?

    Since my name came up.... Jeff and Sue are absolutely the BEST "customer servive" types I have ever dealt with. They did exactly what they bargained to do, and did it with me constantly nagging and asking questions. Just go on and do it right the first time. I explored every cheapskate option and idea, then sold a four wheeler to get the cash for my setup....money well spent, and yes, I got the talon hubs.....to me, they set off the whole thing. I wanted two complete sets, also, so I had to buy a set of hubs anyway. Just do it....do it...you'll like it.
  15. Railroader

    Need help with SM justifications...

    Wax....Lemme put it like this.... It's like going from a Uniden Pro 510 and a magnet mount, to a cut loose Mirage 88 with a TX-350, and a 108" whip...... Just do it!