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  1. avocasingletrack

    How to change offset on SXS 19/21 adj offset triples ?

    Thanks Bob . Will try this next day off . When I had the top triple off, I did not see how to tell what offset I was on . Printed on them it says 19/22 with lines pointing down toward the 27mm nut. The top of the stem is eccentric, like a cam, and the bigger part of the circle was set toward the front of the bike. Does that mean I was on 22 When I get the stem loose from the bottom clamp (and spin it 180) will it only go back in at either 0 or 180 ? Or will it go back in wherever I tighten it ? Very surprised I cant find one video on it , i'm sure it's very simple to see , but confusing in written words . Thanks again , much appreciated !
  2. I've got a set of SXS 19/21 Triples , they are the ones with the diagonal slits on the sides. Got them new in 2014 . They're on a '13 300XC . I Cant find any video or info on how to change the offset . I took off the top triple clamp last weekend and I see the stem has a cam on it . The larger side of the cam is toward the front of the bike so I believe i'm on 19 . I took the front fender off and see two 8mm bolts that screw into the bottom of the triple ...looks like they might screw into the bottom of the stem thru the triple. Would like to try the other offset to see which I like better . Anyone know whats involved to swap the offset ? I cant even find a diagram on a website that shows what to do . Thanks much
  3. avocasingletrack

    Any news on 2017 yz250x?

    I'm in shape , fairly athletic for late 40's...I can kick a 250/300 all day but once I rode the 300XC that was it, bought one that week. E-start is simply faster and easier . Here in tight east coast trails it is inevitable you will bauble in a corner or stall in a hill. When that happens i just hit the button , usually without even taking my feet off the pegs. I spend more time riding ...i know how to kick a bike if I have to. If/when Yam ever comes out with E-start for a 250X I will buy one again. No doubt the YZ250 was a more bullet proof bike . If they ever do E-start, those who dont want E-start could just by a straight up YZ250 non woods model . KTM is selling metric $h1t tons of Estart bikes ...so there is the answer...RIDERS WANT IT . Zip Ty makes the best tank i've tried for the YZ ...for me it was the most ergonomic and no effect when dropping in to rail a corner . Yeah the spark plug is buried a little....but I never fouled spark plugs anyway...and the one side mounting worried me , but after all the various wrecks it never failed or was a problem. Happy New Year all !
  4. avocasingletrack

    Electric Start YZ250x is here (prototype)

    I've had a few YZ's and my daughter is currently on a YZ125 . I love the bike . When I rode a '13 Ktm XC I bough one that week . Yeah the low weight is great on a YZ but I like having a HO stator, battery box for Li-ion batt and E-start . I run grip heaters for snow riding and with a Li ion batt you're only adding about 5 lbs . Yeah the YZ is easy as heck to kick , but it's even nicer to touch the button if I stall in a hill or a corner . Looks like this would be for the "X" off road bike anyway , so you could still buy a straight up YZ250 ...??? . If and when I see it available , I will be back on a YZ 250 . I like my KTM , but No doubt the YZ was a more bullet proof bike for me . You have any idea how many riders KTM and the others would lose if Yam comes out with this ? Probably alot . Happy New Year All !
  5. avocasingletrack

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    I don't know what they're using these days ...but i'll mention one to avoid, from my personal experience. The Dunlop AT81 rear . The first year this tire came out, I tried one and it was great so I bought a few. Really good traction and It also lasted a long time. I used them all with no probs. I bought 3 more of them last spring ...and all of them get flats, and its all the exact same kind of flat. The carcass rips right in front of a knob. The first time it happened was last spring during an invite to a nice local trail system, somewhat rocky but no more than usual for Northeast PA . I stopped to plug it and a few of them proceeded to tell me how they were having the same AT81 prob , small rip right in front of a knob ...and that they quit using AT81 tires. In my usual hard headed self, I didn't believe it. Since using up the AT81's I had, I've gotten that same flat...and this past weekend my buddys AT81 got one halfway thru the Hancock, NY quarry run. We plugged it, kept riding til the hole grew now requiring 3 plugs. We plugged again, rode util it developed another similar rip. He rode the last 45 miles on a flat ....only possible with Tubliss . Anyway, avoid AT81 rears. They changed the compound and it's no good. I'll be going back to the M404 ...or possible a Pirelli MT rear . At least half the riders I saw on the quarry run had a Pirelli MT rear .
  6. There's all kinds of snow. You don't realize this until you start riding it a few yrs ... Bare is is usually rough even with studs
  7. Ice with good snow over it like that is a blast ...you can really start drifting the bike !
  8. Riding it ...the snow is getting a bit deep atm ...hoping it will pack down a bit . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. avocasingletrack

    ktm and night lights

    I have a led Squadron . My '13 XC has 2012 sxs triples and a 12 fender , I got a squadron for $250 off ebay. The ones that fit on the pre '13 fender are going cheap now. I had a led Squadron also on a previous bike. They put out ALOT of light and pull hardly any power. I've just been playing with these MTB lights to see what I could do.
  10. avocasingletrack

    300 Pictures

  11. avocasingletrack

    ktm and night lights

    does that gopro adapter bolt right into the light or did u have to tap it ? If it does, do u know if it will bolt into a magicshine 808 or the knockoff one you have shown ? Thanks much !
  12. avocasingletrack

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Rode some snow...wish we'd get a little more ----------------------------------------------------------------
  13. I've seen people run the inexpensive MTB (Mountain Bike) LED lights on their dirtbikes but couldn't find much information on how to do it. I saw one another TT member from the Northwest forums running two, same as I have below. Most of these MTB lights are 8-9vdc . This is how I run them off 12-14 vdc , my thoughts on them, pros and cons. Disclaimer: I'm not telling anyone to run them this way. I tried it and this is what i've concluded. Do as you wish with the information. They can be had pretty cheap on amazon. Magicshine about $80, knockoff ones about $20-30 The "knockoff" ones are not quite as bright as the MagicShine 808 I run on my MTB . The "knockoff" ones I tried (on high) are like a magicshine 808 on medium. They do put out alot of light and pull only about 1 amp each. I bounced the living heck out of them in my single track and their mount easily keeps them in place, but if they do get hit and pushed back, you just push them back down, but they rarely move since i've ran them. The mount is a small section of rubber hose wrapped over the bark buster and held in place with electrical tape. If you don't want to run a real headlight, they can be easily carried in a camelback and thrown on quickly if you run out of daylight. They are no substitute for a Squadron, Cyclops (or similar) motorcycle specific light but they definitely make enough light to easily navigate the trail back home, albeit at a slower pace. They work well for casual trail riding or slower single track. Like everything else, I had to find out for myself...and now I know: a helmet light is a must for serious night riding, especially single track. You just dont realize how much you look out at 45 degrees off to the side of where your bars are pointed. A motorcycle specific light like a Squadron LED , Cyclops (or similar) + helmet light is the ideal situation...if you don't mind having a large and/or expensive headlight on your bike all the time waiting to get smashed (I have a Squadron LED, it makes ALOT OF LIGHT). Most of my riding is in daylight, with the occasional ride running out of daylight in winter, I can snap 1 or 2 of these on in about a minute. MTB lights are 8-9 vdc , for 12-14 vdc I got a regulator. The 5 amp one below is adjustable, it keeps it around 8-9 vdc depending on rpm, about $10 . I have it epoxy'ed to the back of the number plate, it is very light. I tested it about 20 mins sitting in the barn with 2 lights on high and it did not get warm. http://amzn.com/B00C0KL1OM I have a dedicated wire running back to the battery. It has an inline fuse as close to the +POS terminal as I could get it. IMPORTANT: Without a fuse right at the battery + terminal , a minor short could be disastrous. (I had previously ran this wire for Symtec grip heaters (another topic but they are great if you ride in the winter) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- http://amzn.com/B00C0KL1OM -----------------------------------------------
  14. avocasingletrack

    ktm and night lights

    After riding a few rides with the lights on the bars I have to agree with LovingOffroadPain on this. Headlights or bar mounted lights are fine for casual night riding but theres no way around the need for a helmet light. You don't realize how often you look out at 45 degrees from where the bars are aiming. Pretty much every corner and alot of obstacles too. I will probably take one off the bars and mod their head mount to go on my helmet. I also got a different regulator from the one above which powered the 2 MTB lights fine, never even got warm but was only rated at 2 amps . This one is 5 amp and has an adjust screw on the back. It takes 13-14 vdc down to ~9vdc . I had to use a heat gun and elbow grease to pry the 2 amp regulator off the back of my number plate....so i'm confident that epoxy'ing it to the back of the number plate is strong enough. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. avocasingletrack

    Current zipty tank color

    Yamaha are built bullet proof. I sold my Yz 250 last year, still have my Yz125 ...I have a '13 Xc 300 and though I really like the bike, you cant help but notice that Yamaha (imo) just takes more of a beating without probs... someone in another thread was just telling my everything i'm doing wrong bcuz i've worn out some parts a bit early on my XC ...but it's funny my Yamaha ridden the same way, same trails, same races, same gas, same premix, same case oil and it had much less probs. I'm not bashing Ktm either. They are both great bikes, i'm just sayin what's happened with mine.